Sunday, March 09, 2014

Tummy Stuffers: A Child's Introduction to Vorarephilia

Today, I saw an advertisement for a stuffed animal / knapsack that children are encouraged to "feed" by shoving various household items down its gullet. See the video below.

My first thought was that it was a symbolic act of hyper-consumption, and the advertisers were unwittingly programming children to hoard their coveted possessions (i.e. mass-manufactured junk). But as I reflected on how this might impact a child's psychology, a second idea occurred to me - I wonder if this is how people develop the paraphilia known as vorarephilia, in which people fantasize about eating/swallowing other people and/or being eaten/swallowed?

In 2013, Psychology Today published an article about the fetish, in connection with the case of a homosexual German cannibal (Armin Meiwes), who consumed another faggot (Bernd Jürgen Brande), who fantasized about being eaten. Quoting the article:

Vorarephilia can sometimes co-exist with other fetishistic behaviour such as masochism (sexual arousal from receiving pain), hypoxyphilia (sexual arousal from suffocation and oxygen restriction), and ‘snuff’ fetishes (sexual arousal from seeing someone die). In some cases vorarephilia has been argued to be a variant of macrophilia (i.e., sexual fascination and/or fantasy relating to giants). Most of the fantasies of vorarephiles involve the person being the ones being eaten (i.e., the ‘prey’, although a few like to be the ‘pred’ taken from the word ‘predator’). Some vorarephiles are known to derive pleasure— sometimes sexual —from watching some animals (e.g., snakes) eating other animals whole.

In March 2002, Bernd Jürgen Armando Brande responded to Meiwes’ advertisement on the Internet. At their one and only meeting at Meiwes’ house, their first cannabilistic act was for Meiwes to bite off Brande’s penis and then jointly cook and eat it.

Hopefully, the Tummy Stuffers would think that was "Not Yummy". Note: The Meiwes case was the inspiration for Rammstein's son Mein Teil.

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