Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Things not to say to parents of biracial kids

At this link, I found a list of 15 things not to say to the parents of biracial kids. While some are unintentionally funny, "Oh, she's so cute! What province did you get her from?", others sound falsified, "Look at her cute chinky eyes!" At this point I would like to contribute some more things it would be unfortunate to say to parents of biracial kids:

1) Looks like your wife brought back something from her trip to Haiti last year.
2) Is your baby part Asian, or does it have Down's Syndrome?
3) Your baby looks just like your rapist!
4) You should have called me when you found out you were pregnant, I would have paid for your abortion.
5) I guess you're lucky; a couple more beers and your baby might have been half golden retriever.

Here are some more pictures of ugly biracial children, just for giggles:

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