Saturday, March 29, 2014

The torch is passed ... er, or stone perhaps.

With the death of Westboro Baptist Church founder Fred Phelps last week, there may be some concern that the voice of vehement criticism against the homofication of Amerikwa has been silenced for good. Now who will act as a lightning rod for the wrath of the God of Diversity? Enter Pastor James Manning, founder of ATLAH Worldwide Community Church in Harlem. No, you faggots! Don't literally "enter" him! I meant that he has entered the scene as a replacement for Fred Phelps. Oh, for the days of the classy closet cases who would have recognized theatrical parlance.

What has pastor Manning done to demonstrate he is the spiritual successor of Fred Phelps? Witness the signboard below, LINK to story:

Let me start by praising pastor Manning for a torch well passed. Further, the message is well crafted for the community it serves. However, let's be honest here. It's not White faggots against which black women are to be cautioned. Even darkies decry White homo's as racists who prefer their own kind. Further, prison rape is almost exclusively a darkie on White phenomenon. The enemy of the black woman is the black man and his rapacious sexual deviance. This also happens to be why the black man is the enemy of the entire human race. Deviance occurs in all races to some degree. The difference is that among the human races, sexual deviance is a crime and a psychopathology, while among the sub-apes it is a defining characteristic of said sub-apes.

Meanwhile, the backlash against pastor Manning has been but lukewarm. Enjoy this video of a lesbo demanding to be stoned by a member of Manning's flock. Her stunt was a response to Manning's reported pronouncement (see link above) that “Jesus Would Stone Homos”.

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