Thursday, March 06, 2014

The "Is it Racist?" Picture for 03-06-2014

The charming figure on the left (the one who should draw your attention immediately if you have a sense of humor) is named Zé Gotinha. The name translates to something like "Joe Little Drop", and not "Joe the Friendly Klansman". Joe is a Brazilian marketing mascot, meant to make Brazilian children more accepting of orally administered polio vaccinations. So let's get this straight, a leering Klansman is supposed to convince brown children to swallow a drop of a mysterious white fluid administered in the back alleys of a Brazilian ghetto? Yes, that is apparently so. And Joe is in good company. Consider Mr. Balls, Brazil's Testicular Cancer Awareness mascot (pictured below). Go ahead girls, open wide to receive his mystery white fluid.

Brazil 2014 - otherwise known as the USA in the year 2050.

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