Monday, March 17, 2014

The Bridge on the River Sigh

I have occasionally caught bits and pieces of the British version of the show Top Gear, but I am not a regular viewer of the program. The show usually cannot hold my attention, but today I got a cheap laugh from a story about the show from the Mail Online. They report that Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson (the tallest of the three old White guys on the show) has been accused of racism stemming from a comment he made during the season finale of the program. Quoting:

The 53-year-old is heard saying: 'That is a proud moment, but there's a slope on it', as a man walked towards them on their makeshift bridge over the River Kwai in Thailand.

Viewers took to Twitter in shock following his use of the word 'slope' in the second episode of the two-part special, which is apparently considered a derogatory term for people of Asian de[s]cent.

One fan commented: ''There's a slope on it'? Sorry @BBC_TopGear that's a step too far. Not big, not clever, not funny. All the best for the future.'

During the clip from the show, fellow presenter Richard Hammond is hear[d] replying to Clarkson, saying: 'You're right, it's definitely higher on that side.'

Take a look:

I do not believe the comment was an intentional racist quip, though if it was, I wish I had thought of it! Of course, whether intentional or not, it is just another example of the insane hypersensitivity which has seized a portion of the human race who have gone over to the Cult of Diversity. No one watching that clip could prove malice on Clarkson's part - but how readily he was condemned as one of us, the wicked vile raaacists!

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