Thursday, March 20, 2014

Swiper, no swiping - for Allah's sake.

According to this story, a wog taxi cab driver in Chicago charged a White girl $787.33 for a 2 mile trip.

According to Yahoo News, Becky Siegel, a college student from Winnetka, Illinois, hopped into a cab for the 2-mile trip [...] “He gave her a price and she thinks it was, you know, under ten dollars,” [...] “And so she said, ‘Can I use a credit card?’ And he said, ‘Oh, my swiper isn’t working. Here give it to me and I’ll do it on my Square.” [...] Becky says she handed the driver her credit card, told him to add a $2 tip, and signed the app. “I guess I didn’t pay attention or I didn’t look,” Becky told the Chicago Tribune. “I just signed my name with my finger and I left.” The problem was [...] instead of a charge under $12, the card was charged a whopping $787.33. [...] Angry about what transpired, Siegel contacted the driver, Ali Ghazanfari, for a resolution. Instead the cab driver stood behind the nearly $800 charge.

The story has all the hallmarks of Trusting-White Syndrome. What is Trusting-White Syndrome? I am glad you asked! It is a term I coined just now, which may be defined thusly:

Trusting-White Syndrome: When a White person demonstrates unnatural levels of trust in another person simply because that person in non-White. For if said person had been White, trust would not have been so easily granted.

I postulate that had this taxi driver been an old White man (the universal enemy of Diversity) Becky would have thought twice about:1) the swiper not working,  2) handing over her credit card to be used on a phone app, 3) not checking before she fingered herself into an $800 swindle.

But how could she think twice? Not to trust the wog would be racist, now wouldn't it? Luckily for her, publicity surrounding the event led to the suspension of the wog's public chauffeur license, and a reimbursement check from the company.

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