Friday, March 28, 2014

Roo the day

Today, I asked myself a rather odd question. If the dominant sentient lifeform on this planet was the kangaroo, would abortion be easier or more difficult? After all, just empty your pouch and you're baby free. At the same time, would that be considered infanticide because the infant kangaroo has emerged from the womb? It only takes about a month for fetal kangaroos to gestate and be birthed. But the kangaroo still must be nurtured for about five more months in its mother's pouch before it is ready to emerge again. Would kangaroo abortions only be permitted up to the 2nd week, the 3rd week, the 4th week? Would the joey in its pouch be considered not a real kangaroo until 2, or 3, or 4 months? Would the sentient kangaroos argue the legality of kangaroo abortions in a kangaroo court? Would they only permit kangaroo abortions in cases of kangaroo rape and kangaroo incest? It's all very confusing.


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    1. 0jr, you have a curious dislike for WASP's that borders on the fanatical. We have the entire internet to turn to if you want to bash White people. The position of this blog is that no one White ethnic group is purer than the other, and that White people can be found among the descendants of all the indigenous nations of Europe. Please align with me that WASP's are White racial kindred unless they race mix or promote the MultiCult. If you cannot, then please refrain from further slurs against that ethnic group or find another forum.