Thursday, March 13, 2014

Racist Fun with Headlines 03-14-2014

Pastor's confession to his flock becomes a final act. LINK

Sub-ape Bishop Bobby Davis, pastor at the Miracle Faith World Outreach Church in Bridgeport Connecticut, died of a heart attack on Sunday while confessing an infidelity to his rowdy flock. The congregation no doubt had only two questions on their minds: 1) Was the bitch White? and 2) Was the bitch a man?

Pro-life teen defiant after alleged attack by feminist professor. LINK
A sub-ape professora (Mireille Miller-Young) at the University of California in Santa Barbara, stole a pro-life sign from a 16-year-old Chalkie girl Thrin Short, who was handing out leaflets to protest abortion. Miller-Young then pushed the girl out of an elevator when Short followed the Negro, demanding her sign back. Now Thrin has to go back empty handed to Sunday school, armed only with the excuse - a teacher stole my homework!

Math Problem: Rep. Jackson Lee claims Constitution is 400 years old. LINK
Congressional sub-ape Jackson Lee uttered the claim during a speech in which she railed against Republicans trying to push through a bill to speed up lawsuits against the President for not enforcing Federal laws. This slip was no doubt the result of conflating the Constitution with "400 years of Slavery", which is the Negro equivalent to the magic number 6,000,000. If only the Constitution still considered Obongo and Jackson Lee 3/5ths human, we wouldn't have to put up with them in office.

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