Friday, March 21, 2014

Not born that way.

I found an excellent article on homosexuality that I feel should be required reading for the entire Western World. Further, if anyone attempts to refute or build upon any point of the article, said person should be legally required to copy the article by hand onto paper using a pen. This punishment should be inflicted each time the offense is committed. I shall quote the article now, and link it so you, gentle readers, may peruse it.

According to the experts on homosexuality across centuries and continents, being gay is a relatively recent social construction. Few scholars with advanced degrees in anthropology or history who concentrate on homosexuality believe gays have existed in any cultures before or outside ours, much less in all cultures. These professors work closely with an ever-growing body of knowledge that directly contradicts “born that way” ideology.

I humbly suggest that the White Whateverist movement adopt this article in full as the only viewpoint we will permit on the subject of homosexuality. No moralizing, no religiosity, no psychology, and no debate. We simply refer to this article whenever the topic arises, and move on to the more important matter of White Racial Supremacy. Yes, Supremacy! No settling for mere survival. Or has Mr. Belvedere taught us nothing?

I know the author of the article is Jewish. I don't care. He is correct, which trumps the misfortune of his heritage.

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