Monday, March 31, 2014

Karmic Car Crash

Here we have the story of a Florida driveress who posted online a video featuring a road-raging fellow who accidentally wrecked while seized by his fury. Uploaded to YouTube under the title "Redneck Road Rage / Instant Karma", the video now has nearly ten million hits. I derive an immense amount of satisfaction from this clip, and the broad's derisive cackle always leaves me smiling. I believe you too, gentle visitors, may enjoy it.
To be fair, we don't really know how red this man's neck is, but this event plays well into the angry White male stereotype. Hell, the guy's name is Travis White for Christ's-sake. And to be even more fair, we mustn't deny stereotypes about White males, if we want the freedom to stereotype others without the stench of hypocrisy. So, simply enjoy watching the wreck - it's why y'all watch Nascar, right Travis?

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