Monday, March 10, 2014


In my daily jaunts about the interwebs, I have been increasingly subjected to a certain breed of anti-White propaganda called "I, Too, Am Harvard" #itooamharvard. Basically, the propaganda consists of photos of Harvard University nigger students holding up signs that carry racist slogans that the poor, defenseless niggers have suffered at the hands of the devil Chalkie scourge. And let us be clear (as Obongo would say), the intent of the propaganda (regardless of how much the leftist darkies may deny it) is to hurl accusations of racism at Whitie as a way of empowering darkies. It has a strange corollary to Tawana Brawley writing nigger on herself as the first step in her false accusations. Consider the images below; you can find a collection of the images in this article:

To counter this anti-racist propaganda, I have started a campaign for collegiate-Negro-honesty called "I 2 is Harvard" i2isharvard. See our photo series below.