Saturday, March 08, 2014

Ebony Wilkerson: More New Black Standard of Sanity

In Daytona Beach, an insane Negress, Ebony Wilkerson, has been charged with three counts of attempted murder and child abuse after she drove her minivan into the Atlantic Ocean in an attempt to drown her three children. It was reported Friday that she tried to discourage bystanders on the beach from rescuing her children as the vehicle in which she trapped them began to fill with seawater.

Quoting this story:

The bystanders and beach safety officers, paying no mind to her urgings, pulled the two girls and a boy, ages 3, 9 and 10, through the windows Tuesday on Daytona Beach. [...]

The children told authorities they had come to Florida from South Carolina earlier in the week to escape their father. They described a history of violence between their parents, and they said their mother had been “acting crazy and speaking to Jesus” since they had come to stay with Wilkerson’s sister in Daytona Beach.

Well that is good news! Finally Jesus is doing something helpful in our struggle against the Negrofication of America. However, I have some notes for Jesus, so he can more effectively aid our struggle in future:

1) Jesus, please tell the mother to remain in the car with the children.
2) Jesus, please tell the mother to drive the car off of a pier, rather than fight the waves on the beach.
3) Jesus, there are around 20 million of these sub-ape breeders who need your tender guidance, so you might want to work on Sundays for the foreseeable future. 

Thank you, Adrean Arlott


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