Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Daily Ipecac: Kissing Diverse Strangers

I am not a fan of hugging. There are too many people in America willing to hug non-relatives as a form of informal greeting. Some may call rejection of hugging a fear of intimacy. Those people are full of it - and by it I mean egoism. What the fuck is so special about you that I should crave your embrace? Further, I wonder how those people would react to kissing as a form of greeting. If they shied away from a protracted open mouth kiss, would that be the result of being afraid of intimacy? Hardly.

"Normal", by its very definition, always comes down to what the greatest number of people consider to be "normal". And, thank goodness, open mouth kissing is not considered a normal greeting - yet. But that has not stopped The Cult of Diversity from priming us for the next phase of their assault on our sensibilities. Witness the following, a trend of paying strangers to kiss passionately for the purposes of posting footage of same to the internet. Quoting this source:

Short films that recreate the concept of last week’s viral ‘First Kiss’ video have been released, taking its concept into more ‘real’ territory by starring everyday people instead of models.

The original First Kiss video, produced by LA-based fashion line Wren, shows 20 strangers making out for the first time. Attracting more than 62million YouTube views in the last week, First Kiss’s participants are mostly models, actors, and model-esque musicians.

Now, Vice and Wifey TV have released their own take on the production - respectively titled We Got 20 Strangers Who Aren’t Models to Kiss Each Other, and First Kiss NYC - where complete strangers make out for the first time just like the original.

Prep your barf buckets, and watch the following:

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