Saturday, March 15, 2014

Adoptive Father Kills Non-White Son

Ooo boy! Great news today from New Haven, Connecticut, where a White man who killed his non-White adopted son will not face prosecution for the shooting. The story is straight from my Dark and Terrible God Of ironY's (DATGOY)'s playbook. Luv DAT-GOY!

Quoting this article:

A popular fifth-grade teacher will not face prosecution for fatally shooting a knife-wielding prowler in a ski mask who turned out to be his 15-year-old son, a prosecutor announced Friday.

Jeffrey Giuliano
[pictured above right] reasonably believed the masked person "presented him with the threat of imminent death or great bodily harm" and that he needed to use deadly force to defend himself, State's Attorney Stephen Sedensky III wrote.

Investigators were unable to determine why the boy, Tyler Giuliano
[pictured above left], was outside after midnight wearing a ski mask and carrying a flip-style knife with the blade open and a roll of duct tape under his arm.

Can't figure it out, eh? The boy was prowling around with a rape kit you fucking idiots - mystery solved. He was merely trying to fulfill his Negro destiny - like that other half-breed with a hard-on, Philip Chism. But just who was the intended victim? Quoting the same article:

Giuliano went outside his New Fairfield home with a gun around 1 a.m. on Sept. 27, 2012, when his sister called to say someone was trying to break into her house next door, Sedensky said. On her front porch,Giuliano saw a person he didn't recognize who was dressed all in black, wearing a ski mask over his face and was manipulating the lock on the front door in an apparent attempt to gain entry, according to the report. [...]

Giuliano yelled "freeze!" and noticed a small, metallic object in the person's hand that he believed was a gun or knife, according to the report. He yelled "drop it!" but the person growled in an aggressive manner and stepped toward Guliano, who was about 44 feet away, the report said. Giuliano fired seven times and yelled to his sister to call 911.

So let's reconstruct the story. Do-gooder White Man, Jeffrey Giuliano, adopts a mixed-race boy and takes him into his loving family. Mixed-race boy Tyler gets to breeding age and tries to break into Giuliano's sister's house while he is masked, wielding a rape kit. Jeffrey shoots his own adopted son, after the boy growls at him like some sort of beast. Add this to the category "Well, what the hell did you think was going to happen?".

More damn Chalkies trying to save the whole world. But at least this one had a gun, and unintentionally ended up making the world a better place. Thank DATGOY the mulatto masked himself - otherwise Jeffrey Giuliano might have hesitated and spared the life of the little rapist.

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