Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Adam Goodes is a Sub-Ape

Adam Goodes is an Australian Footsballs player for the Sydney Swans team. He is also a filthy, stinking, greasy, good-for-nothing abo empty-sack. Now consider - is Adam Goodes filthy, stinking, greasy, good for nothing, and an empty sack because he is an abo? Or is abo simply an added descriptor? Is calling him an abo an additional slur? And if so, why? Currently, to make the preceding statement or ask the questions that follow from it is to open oneself to charges of inciting racial hatred under the Australian Racial Discrimination Act. However, if Prime Minister Tony Abbott manages to revise the Act, evil wicked racists in Australia may once again enjoy the freedom of asking these questions without threat of legal action.

Empty sacks like Adam Goodes cannot stand the thought of that. Which itself should be reason enough for masses of Australians to embrace the change. But, unfortunately, we live in topsy-turvy world, where a sub-ape like Adam Goodes is declared a hero, and Australian of the Year, largely as a symbolic move to throw abos a bone (for them to gnaw upon like the sub-apes they are). But why should I think so poorly of Adam Goodes? Is it simply because he is an abo? No. It is because he is an awful person, as I shall now provide evidence.

Last year, a 13-year-old White girl shouted "You're an ape!" at Adam Goodes during a sports match. Goodes took the opportunity to stop the game and point the child out to security to have her ejected from the stadium. See the image below. LINK to original story. LINK to follow-up.

What offends my sensibilities about this is that it is unbelievably unmanly conduct that proves the girl's point. However, what she should have said, for the sake of complete accuracy, is that Adam Goodes is a sub-ape - as it is offensive to apes to include Adam Goodes among their ilk.

Here's hoping that soon, Australians will once again enjoy the freedom of criticizing their master's pets.


  1. We are in serious trouble here in Australia; mass immigration, "multiculturalism", enforced "diversity" etc, and this incident only barely scratches the surface of it!

    1. I am sorry to hear that. You are, of course, not alone in the trouble you face. Though I am sure that is small comfort.