Wednesday, February 12, 2014

White Russia Part II

On 15 September 2014, I posted about Russian politician and former figure skater Irina Rodnina sparking controversy by tweeting a racist photo of the Obongos:

At the time, I suggested that how the controversy was handled would serve as a sounding for the theory that Russia was the last hope for the White race:

"If Russia is truly immune to the Cult of Diversity, Irina Rodnina should remain unscathed, and will not be denounced by her colleagues. If Russia is susceptible to the racial hysteria contagion, Rodnina will be shamed by her own colleagues and forced to apologize."

There has been little action regarding this story until recently, when Western media picked up on the fact that Rodnina was one of the two Russian former athletes chosen to light the Olympic torch in Sochi this year. Under scrutiny once again, Rodnina has caved, according to this source:

At the time [Sept 2013] she rejected all the criticism, tweeting: "Freedom of speech is freedom of speech, and you should answer for your own hang-ups."

Now, five months after the picture appeared, Irina Rodnina has said she is sorry.

In a new tweet she wrote: "I respect the Obama family and apologise for not clearly stating earlier that I don't support the tweeted photo or racism in any form."

In a second message she explained her "account was hacked and I should have shown better judgement in my initial response and handling of the event".

I don't know that she caved because of any political pressure at home, but the line she is peddling now is straight out of the Cult of Diversity playbook. Oh well. It was fun having some one give the finger to the MultiCult while it lasted. According to the same BBC story, Irina went on to say:

"People react to things in different ways. To me, and I'm just a normal person, a banana doesn't arouse any political or any other kind of emotions," she said.

That made me wonder what might have aroused her into making an apology. Please see below.


  1. Russia and white hope you must be delusional. The country is being overrun by central asian migrants(uzbek, tajik, kirgiz). And the worst part is that atleast your US hispanic migrants are christian then those who migrate to russia are muslims.

  2. Hope itself may be a delusional state. However, I linked to the theory that Russia is the White hope, I did not advance the theory myself. Perhaps others who have visited Russia could weigh in on the topic.

    1. Well unfortunately i haven't been able to visit Russia in my own person. But i have been keeping my eye on their media scene and the nationalist(blogs mostly and social sites) scene for a few years. And i can observe the info from ''first hands'' as i am a fluent russian speaker(half russian actually). And i'm telling you that it ain't no hope and definetely not the white one.

      For as long as the generations who grew up and were brainwashed in the soviet union are at the power and are more numerous than the people who who started to come in age in 90's and 00's. Soviets did a pretty good brainwashing job for example - Fraternity of peoples, there are no bad nationalities and other leftist crap.

      And in addition to the flood of mass legal/illegal migration they are giving ground in the southern regions to muslims big time.

      Sorry for the fucked up way of my thoughts.

    2. That's sad news, but I cannot say I am surprised. Thank you for supplying more details on the situation. Raspail's The Camp of the Saints predicted Russia would not resist the mass migration of brown people.

  3. 1.Most of the people have their heads stuffed full with old leftist/soviet crap and they are passing it on to their children,grandchildren.
    2. WW2 legacy aka nationalism(fascism in their words) can't be acceptable because our grandfathers didn't beat the germans for you to become fascist,nazi, insert anything now.

    I'd say you would be better off looking for white hope in South America(Argentine) or looking at current situation in Ukraine. Only these countries wield no global influence.

    1. Thank you kindly for elaborating on your impressions of Russia. It seems more believable that the mass of Russians would oppose fascism and racial nationalism, given their history.

    2. Well i'd give it a 1/10 chance that something positive comes out of Russia but it might be even slimmer than that. Since there are no major nationalist movements/parties or organisations.

      Only hope for them is the young people as seen in last year Biryulyovo riots who were majority in there.