Monday, February 10, 2014

Tuck and Cover - Trans Photography

A photo spread by self-described "Queer Portrait Artist" JJ Levine was featured at today. Quoting this article:

For the series “Alone Time,” Levine recreated and photographed typical domestic environments that play with gender stereotypes. As a twist, he used only one model to play both the male and female characters in the image.

Let's take a look at five of his photos, showing the same person dressed both as a male and a female:

The message of JJ Levine is clear - if you are an ugly man, you will make an even uglier woman, and vice versa. Now that I have made that confident pronouncement of his obvious intent, let us hear from him, again quoting the above source:

“Trans and queer visibility is empowering for a greater number of people when it happens alongside other necessary fights against, for example, poverty and racism,” he said.

Oops. I guess I missed the mark in my assessment of his intent. Excuse me, but except for the fourth photo showing that black sissy boy dressed as one of the least convincing black "women" I've ever seen, all the other subjects seemed to be a bunch of over-privileged hipster kikes with hormone problems. Exactly what use are they in the fight against poverty and racism?

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