Monday, February 24, 2014

The "Is it Racist?" Picture for 02-24-2014

Here's a cute pic I found today. Is it racist? Sure, why not? And like almost all racist things, it is entirely based upon observable fact. Crackers, which is to say Chalkmeisters, love cheese. And why shouldn't they? The whitest of the White are nearly 100% lactase persistent, meaning they retain into adulthood the ability to break down lactose, the sugar found in milk. Other ethnic groups around the world are starting to catch on - notably in West Africa and the Arabian Peninsula, but in general, the majority of the humans on planet earth are still lactose intolerant.

Intolerant - such an ugly word isn't? Diversity teaches us that there is no room in this world for intolerance of any kind. What should be done to correct this bigotry? "Oh!", the intolerant cry, "It's not my fault! I was born lactose intolerant!" Well that's no excuse. Chronic, spastic diarrhea and ungodly flatulence is a small price to pay to prove to the world you are not a hateful bigot. We crammed multiculturalism down your throat without any trouble, so I'm sure a few metric tons of Limburger crammed down your throat won't be anywhere near as bad for you - or as pungent.

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