Sunday, February 23, 2014

Savitri Deadsi

Ha! This is so rich it just has to be fattening...

A White Pennsylvanian woman living in India, Erin W. Willinger, has been stabbed to death by her East Indian husband, who in turn blew himself up with cooking oil. Willinger married taxi-driver Bunty Sharma four months ago in Agra, site of the Taj Mahal. (Yes this is true, he is a taxi driver. Yes, I know an East Indian taxi driver is a walking stereotype. Yes, I know she could have found several thousand East Indian taxi drivers in Pennsylvania if she had wanted one. Yes, she didn't have to go all the way to India to marry an East Indian taxi driver. Yes, I am sure I am not making this up.)

According to her father, quoted in this article:

While Andrew Willinger said his daughter did have a romantic relationship with Sharma when she first arrived in Agra last July, he said his daughter's decision to get married in October was influenced by her desire to be a part of the community and to be fully accepted.

Erin Willinger had been working to promote a campaign called "Agra Sunder Hai" that would promote cleaning up pollution in the city. The day she was killed she held a press conference to talk about her campaign, according to the Times of India.

Ha, again! Like most loony leftists who get in bed with the subhumans, she did so because it fit into her larger ideologically-driven White guilt insanity. She wanted to be a White angel, saving the poor backward brown-people of India. And to be accepted as one of them, she entered into a marriage of convenience that didn't even last half a year. And when Gunga Din was humiliated by his "woman" leaving him, he took his revenge and ended her sojourn among the mud people of the subcontinent. She got what she deserved. Perhaps in her next life she will be reincarnated as a White woman who loves her own race. It might serve her better.

When are White people going to stop romanticizing India? (That open sewer that passes for a civilization). Cows are sacred there so you let them lie around in the streets? Well, human feces must be downright godlike because they too are lying around on every street in India.

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