Sunday, February 09, 2014

Not-so-Super Mario Bruthas

I know nothing of "The Sports". It can be quite a source of confusion. Today, I saw a newslink that read:

Mario Balotelli Cries; Everyone Thinks It's Because Of Racist Chants

Now, given my limited knowledge of "The Sports", I thought - "That fat Italian chef? Who would be directing racist chanting at him?" Clicking on the link quickly revealed the truth. So, just in case anyone else is as clueless about the World of Sport as I am, here is an object lesson:

Here is where my confusion continued. I had no problem believing Mario Batali would cry, I just had problems believing he would be a victim of racist chanting. On the other hand, Mario Balotelli looks like the messenger who got kicked down the well in 300 - I had trouble believing anything apart from being kicked down another well would make him cry, though I had no trouble believing he would be subjected to racist chanting, because of his savage-from-the-bush appearance.

Apparently, the problem of racist taunting of African players on European teams by European sports fans has led to a campaign against the phenomenon. So when sub-ape Balotelli sat weeping on the bench yesterday, the Cult of Diversity crowd immediately leapt to the conclusion that it was because he was being taunted from the stands. But no - it turns out he was crying because he had been benched during a losing game. How disappointing - but still, it is pretty funny!

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