Monday, February 03, 2014

Mongoloid Hamlet

That title should be ambiguous enough to make one wonder if we are going to discuss a hamlet inhabited by mongoloids, or a mongoloid who plays Hamlet. The following picture should reveal our topic:

Quoting this article:

Watch Growing up Downs on Monday 3 February at 21:00 on BBC Three. A group of young actors with Down's Syndrome set out to create a touring production of Shakespeare's Hamlet.

The documentary shows the kind of conversations which closely match those of younger people without learning difficulties, says Jessop. Rehearsals for the play yield a real-life love triangle, questions about personal and sexual identity and plenty of emotion.

Yes, you read that correctly - sexual identity. One of the supporting mongoloids thinks he might be gay after developing an attraction for the leading mongoloid.

If you would like, please take a gander at the following presentation, featuring leading mongoloid Tommy Jessop's rendering of "To be or not to be..."

On a related note, you may also enjoy watching Corky fight the powers that be - or not be. This video honestly gave me new found respect for the comic timing of Patti LuPone.

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