Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Golly, Wog!

A Scotsman is being publicly hounded after he was caught on video telling a wog politician "You're not from my country." The video, posted yesterday on, showed the confrontation between the Scot and Humza Yousaf (a member of the Scottish parliament). The Mirror described the incident thusly: "Shocking moment politician was victim of racist attack while selling Big Issue to highlight homelessness". Ah yes, it was quite an "attack". The claymore was drenched in the blood of the innocent wog (translation from Mirror-ese: a trace amount of spittle collected in the corner of one bloke's mouth). Please see below:

Today, The Mirror revealed the identity of the White "attacker", quoting:

Chris Chisholm, 30, from Dunbartonshire, was identified by people who know him and say he "isn't a nice person" after he targeted MSP Humza Yousaf who was highlighting homelessness in Glasgow. [...] When reporters from the Daily Record knocked on Chisholm's door after several people identified him, he refused to speak. Instead his wife, Christina, 29, said: "No we don't want to speak to anybody," before closing the door. Chisholm runs his own installation company and lives in a detached house in Gartcosh with his wife Christina, 29, and their young child. Chisholm did not respond to requests to discuss the clip, which is being probed by police.

And so, The Mirror has given you more personal, identifying details of this White not-"nice person" than it would have given if the video had shown a wog cutting the head off of a White child and face-fucking the skull while screaming Allahu (Admiral) Akbar! Why would they do that, hmmm?

Now to Address Chris Chisholm:

1) Were you paid for this encounter? Because to give Yousaf such free good press is beyond generous of you.
2) Assuming you don't want wogs overrunning your homeland, how was this encounter going to help you in that regard?
3) How long will it be before you apologize, denounce evil raaaacists, request psychiatric counselling, and join an anti-racism campaign as a way of (hopefully) avoiding jail time?

May I suggest Mr. Chisholm you !!!PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!!! follow my suggestions for dealing with this matter:
a) Issue the following terse statement: "My ancestors fought to keep the English from overrunning this country. I don't understand why we should now be happy that the English are sending their former colonial subjects to finish the job."
b) When asked any other question by the press, respond: "I have nothing to say."
c) Exercise whatever right you have to remain silent when the police come knocking.
d) Accept whatever penance the state demands with the exception of apologizing.
e) Breed prolifically with your wife.

I believe that if you remain silent and refuse to cave, White-aware people around the world will send you financial support to get your family through this time. However, should you flinch, you will face this one alone, and end up selling out your child's future.

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