Friday, February 21, 2014

Black History Monf

Why no love for Black History Monf? Today, I would like to draw your attention to three stories that demonstrate that despite heroic measures to make black history a sacred flail with which to flagellate guilty Chalkmeisters, the MultiCult has nothing to show for their efforts. Perhaps that is because every student in the country endlessly recycles the same reports on MLK, George Washington Carver, and Harriet Tubman every February, year after year after year.

1) A private school's lunch menu had to be retracted as offensive because it offered students cornbread, fried chicken, and watermelon in honor of Black History Monf. LINK.
2) A Negro student at Grand Valley State University found the words "Fuck Black History Month" scrawled on her dorm message board, along with a crudely rendered drawing of a lynching. (Personally, I smell hoaxery with this one). LINK.
3) The Jeopardy college champions semifinal game featured three Chalky Devils who did their best to leave the category "African American History" wholly untouched until every other square on the board had already been checked. LINK.

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