Friday, January 24, 2014

Turning White People into Furniture

A couple days ago I posted about a controversial photo of Moscow gallerist Dasha Zhukova, featured in the Russian magazine Buro 24/7. The photo depicts a White woman (Zhukova - who is part Jewish) sitting on a chair made out of a black woman (note the black woman is actually a mannequin). In response to this photo, Alexander Kargaltsev, a Russian photographer living in New York produced his own photo. Let's compare the two, side by side.

Now, let us hear from the photographer of the response on the right, LINK: “I felt an immediate urge to respond to such a shocking visual statement by one of the most powerful Russian-speaking cultural entrepreneurs in the world." And from this article: "My own composition reverses the visual injustice and offense perpetrated by that editorial and in a way restores the equality of genders, races, and sexual orientations."

AA's Take:
No, this "composition" does not restore any equality. It ups the ante. It counterbalances a condom with a butt plug. Here are the major differences:
1) The black woman on the left is a mannequin - an inanimate object. Therefore, the White man chair is being equated to an inanimate object. This is not equatable.
2) The figures on the left are clothed, the figures on the right are nude. Any implied eroticism in the female photo is exploded into graphic homoeroticism on the right. The necessity of the eroticism to convey the artist's protest is highly questionable.
3) There is no physical contact between the figures on the left, but the figures on the right are in extreme contact - bumping uglies as it were. Again, the necessity of the eroticism to convey the artist's protest is highly questionable.
4) The trappings of materialism which provide context to the black-woman-chair are removed completely - there is no context in the white-man-chair photo. Speaking of context, Zhukova has responded to the controversy she caused: "This photograph, which has been published completely out of context, is of an artwork intended specifically as a commentary on gender and racial politics. I utterly abhor racism and would like to apologise to anyone who has been offended by this image.” So what we have here is a ultra-lefty criticizing the work of a super-lefty.
5) The black woman chair photo was based on 1960's "artwork" by Allen Jones, see the pic below. If the concept of degrading people into furniture is so appalling, Kargaltsev, Zhukova, and every other art school ninny had 50+ years to address the issue. No - it is only when the human furniture gets Africanized that there is any meaning (Zhukova) or offense (Kargaltsev).

So, what would have been a more balanced response? Simply start by having a black woman turning on a light inside a lampshade made from a Jewess, like so:

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