Sunday, January 12, 2014

State Farm - Save my Race?

I generally avoid providing commentary on anti-White media, as there is literally a blog called Anti-White Media, but I am so tired of the following commercial, and that blog seems to be on hiatus, so I would like to pick on this commercial today.

The first thing that annoys me is the insipid consumerist, women hungry for purses narrative. It never ceases to amaze me how stereotypes of women as shopaholic twits/twats doesn't raise a feminist eyebrow. But let's go further. Here we have a White woman and an Asian woman competing for an object they desire, but apparently cannot provide themselves because they-so-silly! The White woman casts her magic spell and a tall, young, Negro man appears to provide her with the funds to obtain the object she desires. The Asian woman casts her magic spell and a decrepit old white Man appears from the ether to taunt her with a dollar dangling from a fishing line. Remember - there are no secret meanings or subconscious messages revealed by such a dichotomy. Certainly, the following are not being suggested:

1) White women have more power/success/smarts than Asian women.
2) White women can appeal to black men and get what they want.
3) Asian women cannot get the same by appealing to White men.
4) Black men provide, White men string you along.

So let us change up the races and see what happens.

1) What if the White woman had summoned a White man and the Asian woman had summoned an Asian man (racial pairing)? RACIST! Whites women get what they want from pairing with White men, Asian women lose when they pair with Asian men - can't have that.
2) What if the Asian woman paired with the Negro and got what she wanted? No, we can't have that either because the target of this commercial is not Asian women (2-3% of the population) but White women (greater than 35% of the population). The White woman must win, and she must be shown the way to win is by appealing to a black male provider.
3) What if the Asian woman had been a black woman? Can't have that, because a White woman cannot be shown to get one over on a darkie!

We could continue this thought experiment all day, but I have one observation to conclude this post:

Perhaps the reason the Asian woman can only get a dollar is related to her driving history, not her choice in insurance policies? Anti-Racist says: JUST WHAT EXACTLY ARE YOU IMPLYING????!!!!! AA says: Nothing at all - its just a commercial, right?

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