Friday, January 03, 2014

Nobody is born racist ... or with common sense either.

I've seen this picture floating around now in several places on the interwebs. Oh, how touching ...

You see, the little white baby reaches out to the Negro without fear! That means no one is born racist! That may be what some people see - I see a man who doesn't understand the concept of boundaries. Put race aside in this case - You do not touch someone else's child! Who the hell do you think you are, Michael Jackson? God knows what that man's finger was scratching just moments before.

So let's say that children are not born racist. I would also assert they are not born with common sense as well. Take for example the child who ate a used condom he found on the floor of a hotel room. But does someone have to teach children common sense? Is there a common sense class where we distinguish between good things to eat off the floor of a hotel room and bad things to eat off the floor of a hotel room? No. Just as there is not a class to teach racism. Racism develops naturally with experience. I would say that this child will learn racism at around the same time that s/he learns it is not a good idea to touch strangers on the subway.


  1. It's also untrue that kids don't notice colour. The toddler who says that man's face is dirty doesn't get a viral picture because people don't want to see that.

  2. Well, I would like to see that - but you are quite correct, people would not.