Saturday, January 18, 2014

New Doritos Locos Negros Tacos

Oh, how delightful - an enormous beanerette got in a fight with a Negro at a Taco Bell, and the whole thing was captured on a camera phone for the sake of posterity. Repeatedly, the Negro in question demands to be shown the beanerette's green card, to which she responds she was "born here [...] faggot" (at the Taco Bell I suppose). Eventually, he slaps her phone from her hand, and she spits in his face, which is followed by a tepid chair joust - all in front of her bawling beaner babies. "Legitimate" media seems not to have caught up with the video yet, but I can't wait to hear more details. Take a look:

Surely this must be a crudely edited racist hoax! Black and Brown people are spiritual beings of love, united in the common brotherhood of humanity - this sort of thing just doesn't happen in reality! Not buying it? How about - This sort of racial animosity is merely the legacy of White Supremacy! Sound any better? And just how long shall that legacy last, hmm? At what point will the evils of White Supremacy no longer be used as an excuse for racial hatred between non-White groups? When the last White person is tossed into a mass grave - will this Negro and this beanerette hug and make up, while flowers spring from betwixt the floor tiles, and rainbows explode forth from the waste receptacles? Of course not...

Only White people can be racist.
That is a lie. Racism is in all of us.

Racism is taught.
That is a lie. Racism is innate and instinctive.

Racism is White people's fault.
That is a lie. Racism is not the fault of the White Race.

Racism will end when Whiteness ends.
That is a lie. Racism cannot be ended by eliminating the White Race.

Racism can be defeated.
That is a lie. Racism will defeat humanity.

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