Wednesday, January 15, 2014

More Laughing at Anti-Racist Propaganda

Pro-White propaganda is usually either heavy-handed, focusing on the doom and gloom on the horizon and the need to secure futures for White children and such, or lowest common denominator jabs at the watermelon chomping gorillas in our midsts. I have been guilty of peddling both, but I have tried less obvious (and successful) tricks as well.

Anti-Racist propaganda, I submit, tends to stick with aphoristic pearls of wisdom that vaguely resemble the kind of New Age pseduo-profundity used to trick stupid people into buying Oprah-endorsed books. Take the drivel about Anti-Racist pandas I posted yesterday. Today, I would like to respond to another Anti-Racist propaganda message. See their message on the left and my response on the right.

Anti-Racist says: You wicked racists! If your child needed blood, you would take it from a non-White, wouldn't you?!? 
AA says: Sure they would. After all, when their child needs shoes, they don't mind that they were made in an Asian sweatshop. When massa's children needed milk, massa didn't mind that the nursemaid was black. Cattle and their byproducts belong to the owners of said cattle.
Anti-Racist says: You evil racist! Don't you get it?!? We are all the same on the inside!
AA says: No we are not. Hence my response image on the right. If you still don't get that point, here is another image I made to help demonstrate it to you:

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