Monday, January 06, 2014

Meet the Jungle Fevers

A couple of days ago I read a story about an interracial couple from Georgia (Sam and Candea Aarons), who found someone had written the words "Jungle Fever" on their valet ticket. My first instinct was "Here we go again. More racism hoaxing.", but it turns out that the incident was true. According to this source, valets use phrases on the tickets to help them keep track of the keys. I've heard of valets describing cars on tickets ("black Range Rover"), but not people (theoretical examples: "Huge Melons.", "Smells like Pickles", "Man Hands"). Regardless, the couple were upset, and the offending valet was fired. The company who employed the valet offered the Jungle Fevers a free meal, but they declined. The article linked above seems to imply the Jungle Fevers may be holding out for bigger pay dirt - and why not? Remember the $10,000 tip that was given to the Red Lobster Negress who received the tip, "None. Nigger."? I think the least the company could offer would be a complimentary copy of Spike Lee's Jungle Fever.

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