Sunday, January 26, 2014

Darion Aguilar: Another of Obama's Sons

Police in Columbia, Maryland have announced that a 19-year-old sub-ape, Darion Aguilar, murdered two White 20-something-year-olds on Saturday the 26th at a Zumiez skate-boarders shop in the Columbia Mall. Details are slowly seeping out, LINK 1LINK 2, and LINK 3. Here is a picture of the shooter and his victims: On the left, Aguilar, the killer, in the middle, 21-year-old Brianna Benlolo, and on the right 25-year-old Tyler Johnson (both victims, Benlolo and Johnson, were employed at Zumiez, Aguilar was not) ... BUT WAIT ...

OH...MY...GOD ...sad news for Wigger-lovers everywhere, as from the photo on the right, it appears that beloved Wigger entertainer "The Limp Bizquick" has been gunned down. Personally, I had no idea that "The Limp Bizquick" worked at a skate-boarders apparelery (coined it), but the photographic evidence is undeniable when compared to the AP photo below.

Back to the main story ... No motive has yet been suggested as to why Aguilar, three time winner of "Most Generic 1980's Black Teenager Look-Alike" 2010-2012, would have murdered two young White hipsters before turning the shotgun on himself, but that hasn't stopped speculation that the three were part of an interracial love triangle. Here's my theory: More New Black Standard of Sanity - the color of crazy has gotten decidedly darker:

1) John Allen Muhammad
2) Christopher Dorner
3) Aaron Alexis
4) Maurice Clemmons
5) Omar Thornton
6) Colin Ferguson
7) Lashawn Marten
8) Nathan Dunlap
9) Michael Adebolajo
10) Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab
11) John Constantino
12) Miriam Carey
13) Philip Chism (links to story about second rape charge from this week)
14) Craig Cobb (Ha Ha! Just a joke! I'm terrible.)
15) Andrew Bullock
16) Darion Aguilar

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