Sunday, January 05, 2014

Cutting the heads off dildos.

We all know (even if some won't admit) that the world is full of twisted, violent freaks. But too often we mistakenly assume that being a twisted, violent freak requires a penis. Today's post proves it does not. Below are examples of violent females, presented in the following order: White Trash, Beaner, Muslim, Nigger.

White Trash

Woman stabs her husband with squirrel for failing to bring home beer on Christmas Eve.


Under this title: Police: Arizona mother poisons her four kids and stabs ex-husband on Christmas day
We find this tag: 1,349 people like this.


In Minnesota, a disturbingly brown woman named Amreya Shefa stabbed her husband Habibi Tesema because:  "[...] her husband not only wanted to bring another woman into their bedroom, but also 'wished to use a sexual device on her during intercourse,'".


And while we are on the topic of sexual devices - according to this story, one nigger lesbian (Lakenya Bristol) called the cops on a much darker nigger lesbian (Regina Watts), accusing Watts of cutting the heads of her dildos.

It takes all kinds to ruin the world doesn't it?

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