Friday, January 31, 2014

Biracial Cheerio's Brat Strikes Back

Hello, chalky sports fans! In anticipation of your holiest Sunday of the year, the day of the Superbowls, we wanted to give a sneak preview of one of the social engineering devices we will be inflicting upon your race during your annual Negro worship festival. 

Remember that disgusting biracial Cheerio's chimpette who caused such commotion last summer? Well, we've released her from the zoo to inflict another round of heart-friendly, brain-paralyzing treacle. Please enjoy the following video, which contains the commercial preview, as well as my strategic analysis of the spectacle. Forgive the fact that the video is dated for release yesterday, but is only surfacing now. Terry in the booth has been punished for his lack of vision.


  1. So the new niglet is going to be part brother,part puppy? Eh....Yeah, I guess niggers and dogs are close enough to reproduce.