Tuesday, January 07, 2014

A little chunk of history they've forgotten to alter...

Years ago I was contacted by "Josh in Kentucky", who described himself as a cartoonist who liked my sense of humor. He said he wanted some ideas to put into cartoon form. I pitched a bunch of racist spoofs, and Josh ended up creating two cartoons and e-mailing them to me. Sometimes I would think back fondly to those cartoons, but I had no idea they were still floating around out there - until today.

During the course of my interwebs journey tonight I found this cartoon posted at a site called 9GAG.

There are over a thousand comments about Josh's cartoon on 9GAG! These can be broken down roughly into three categories:
1) 10% Say this is true, even if it is racist.
2) 50% Say this is Neo-Nazi garbage because Josh was connected with VNN.
3) 40% Say this is Neo-Nazi garbage because of the way Josh drew the black girl.

It is too bad the comments are from 2012. I would loved to have gotten in on the discussion. My idea was based on the Clark Doll experiments, in which black children typically chose White dolls. The Clark experiments concluded this preference to be the result of a negative self-image among blacks. I found this a strangely racist assumption coming from the Cult of Diversity. Why should children have preferred dolls of their own race? Wouldn't that be racist? I found that all the more ironic considering the Clarks were black. The thing that the comment makers missed at 9GAG was that in both cases the child chooses the single doll from the pile that is of their own race. That makes the children racist - which exposes the hypocrisy of the kike psychiatrist (symbolic of the Cult of Diversity) because Black Pride is acceptable and White Pride is not.

I think Josh did an amazing job on this cartoon, as evidenced by the heated debate it sparked. From what I gather, Josh now works with Horus and the White Rabbits. That might explain the source of the excellent animations they have made on that site.

Here is the other cartoon Josh made from one of my ideas. I had recently disastrously failed an online implicit association test. I had only taken the test because I saw an episode of King of the Hill where Hank failed a similar test. The joke here is that associating blacks with evil, violence, and crime may be racist, but it is also true.


  1. My daughter is in high school, and they were passing around this doll graphic on their cell phones and twitter! I said to her, "I know the guy who made that graphic! That's amazing that high school kids in New England are passing it around and laughing about it!"

  2. Well hot damn, that is great news! I've got lots of free raaaacist jokes if anyone out there has the talent and desire to draw them.