Friday, January 31, 2014

Biracial Cheerio's Brat Strikes Back

Hello, chalky sports fans! In anticipation of your holiest Sunday of the year, the day of the Superbowls, we wanted to give a sneak preview of one of the social engineering devices we will be inflicting upon your race during your annual Negro worship festival. 

Remember that disgusting biracial Cheerio's chimpette who caused such commotion last summer? Well, we've released her from the zoo to inflict another round of heart-friendly, brain-paralyzing treacle. Please enjoy the following video, which contains the commercial preview, as well as my strategic analysis of the spectacle. Forgive the fact that the video is dated for release yesterday, but is only surfacing now. Terry in the booth has been punished for his lack of vision.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

3 Racist Images for Today 01-30-2014

Today we consider Engrish, Nazi family values, and accidentally racist diversity.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

CDN Exclusive: Origin of Grey Aliens Discovered

Over the years, I have heard/read theories that "The Greys", aliens said to be similar to those depicted in Close Encounters of the Third Kind, are actually humans from the future, who have come back in time to gather DNA or perform experiments to save their dying species.

Of course, being a racist, I have put my own spin on the theory. If these grey aliens are future humans, I speculate, they would have to be hyper-evolved Asians. "Why?", you ask. Because they are such terrible drivers! Think of the Roswell crash for Christ's sake. You can travel through hyperspace, but as soon as you hit Earth's atmosphere you end up plunging your saucer into the desert? And think of all the reports of UFO's erratic movements, sudden turns, violent accelerations - just like Asian drivers on America's roads.

Up until today, this has all been a flight of fancy, but now I have proof. Witness this article from the Mail Online, which describes how a South Korean television personality surgically altered herself to achieve her Asian ideal of beauty. Quoting the article: "A small face with a 'V-shaped' chin and jawline is considered a mark of feminine beauty in much of East Asia, along with a high-bridged nose and big eyes."

And where will this trend lead - see the pictures below:

I expect the History Channel to offer me my own Friday night show any day now.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Kisses, your Heini.

A collection of love letters from Heinrich Himmler to his wife are being circulated around the interwebs after being published by the German newspaper Welt am Sonntag. Here is a LINK to an article with all the necessary buzzwords - "Nazi monster", "slaughter of millions", "extermination of the European Jews". Below this picture of the Himmler family is a list of select quotes from the Himmler love letters.

1) My darling, I burn for you.
2) When I think of you, there is a fire in my heart - and also in several large crematoria in Poland.
3) Love, I know there could never be another one like you, or I would have to send you off to Dr. Mengele for his twins experiments.
4) Roses are red, violets are blue, thank goodness none of your great grandparents, turned out to be Jews.
5) Enclosed you shall find my Valentine gift to you - a solid gold, heart-shaped ashtray. It was like pulling teeth to find the gold to make this present.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Darion Aguilar: Another of Obama's Sons

Police in Columbia, Maryland have announced that a 19-year-old sub-ape, Darion Aguilar, murdered two White 20-something-year-olds on Saturday the 26th at a Zumiez skate-boarders shop in the Columbia Mall. Details are slowly seeping out, LINK 1LINK 2, and LINK 3. Here is a picture of the shooter and his victims: On the left, Aguilar, the killer, in the middle, 21-year-old Brianna Benlolo, and on the right 25-year-old Tyler Johnson (both victims, Benlolo and Johnson, were employed at Zumiez, Aguilar was not) ... BUT WAIT ...

OH...MY...GOD ...sad news for Wigger-lovers everywhere, as from the photo on the right, it appears that beloved Wigger entertainer "The Limp Bizquick" has been gunned down. Personally, I had no idea that "The Limp Bizquick" worked at a skate-boarders apparelery (coined it), but the photographic evidence is undeniable when compared to the AP photo below.

Back to the main story ... No motive has yet been suggested as to why Aguilar, three time winner of "Most Generic 1980's Black Teenager Look-Alike" 2010-2012, would have murdered two young White hipsters before turning the shotgun on himself, but that hasn't stopped speculation that the three were part of an interracial love triangle. Here's my theory: More New Black Standard of Sanity - the color of crazy has gotten decidedly darker:

1) John Allen Muhammad
2) Christopher Dorner
3) Aaron Alexis
4) Maurice Clemmons
5) Omar Thornton
6) Colin Ferguson
7) Lashawn Marten
8) Nathan Dunlap
9) Michael Adebolajo
10) Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab
11) John Constantino
12) Miriam Carey
13) Philip Chism (links to story about second rape charge from this week)
14) Craig Cobb (Ha Ha! Just a joke! I'm terrible.)
15) Andrew Bullock
16) Darion Aguilar

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Stock Photos of Diversity

Hey kids! Need to include images of Diversity in your next school project? The interwebs is full of companies offering stock photos at reasonable prices. Samples of these photos are readily available, so you can find just the right one before you purchase. And with Google's Image Search, it's easy to locate the website with the best selection. CDN is here to get you started, with our own favorite samples of Diversity stock images, all with commentary from CDN's own, Adrean Arlott.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Turning White People into Furniture

A couple days ago I posted about a controversial photo of Moscow gallerist Dasha Zhukova, featured in the Russian magazine Buro 24/7. The photo depicts a White woman (Zhukova - who is part Jewish) sitting on a chair made out of a black woman (note the black woman is actually a mannequin). In response to this photo, Alexander Kargaltsev, a Russian photographer living in New York produced his own photo. Let's compare the two, side by side.

Now, let us hear from the photographer of the response on the right, LINK: “I felt an immediate urge to respond to such a shocking visual statement by one of the most powerful Russian-speaking cultural entrepreneurs in the world." And from this article: "My own composition reverses the visual injustice and offense perpetrated by that editorial and in a way restores the equality of genders, races, and sexual orientations."

AA's Take:
No, this "composition" does not restore any equality. It ups the ante. It counterbalances a condom with a butt plug. Here are the major differences:
1) The black woman on the left is a mannequin - an inanimate object. Therefore, the White man chair is being equated to an inanimate object. This is not equatable.
2) The figures on the left are clothed, the figures on the right are nude. Any implied eroticism in the female photo is exploded into graphic homoeroticism on the right. The necessity of the eroticism to convey the artist's protest is highly questionable.
3) There is no physical contact between the figures on the left, but the figures on the right are in extreme contact - bumping uglies as it were. Again, the necessity of the eroticism to convey the artist's protest is highly questionable.
4) The trappings of materialism which provide context to the black-woman-chair are removed completely - there is no context in the white-man-chair photo. Speaking of context, Zhukova has responded to the controversy she caused: "This photograph, which has been published completely out of context, is of an artwork intended specifically as a commentary on gender and racial politics. I utterly abhor racism and would like to apologise to anyone who has been offended by this image.” So what we have here is a ultra-lefty criticizing the work of a super-lefty.
5) The black woman chair photo was based on 1960's "artwork" by Allen Jones, see the pic below. If the concept of degrading people into furniture is so appalling, Kargaltsev, Zhukova, and every other art school ninny had 50+ years to address the issue. No - it is only when the human furniture gets Africanized that there is any meaning (Zhukova) or offense (Kargaltsev).

So, what would have been a more balanced response? Simply start by having a black woman turning on a light inside a lampshade made from a Jewess, like so:

Thursday, January 23, 2014

25 Celebrities you could have guessed were part Sub-Ape!

I found an interesting list over at a site called StyleBlazer:
25 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were African American!
AA says: (You probably thought they were just ugly!)

Before we begin in earnest, a few questions:
1) Why should this list warrant an exclamation mark? Are we to be shocked, scandalized, appalled, thrilled, or elated by the list? If so - why?
2) Would this list have been acceptable for print if the title was "25 Celebrities You Didn't Know Were White!"?
3) Why isn't this list called "25 Celebrities You Didn't Know Were White!" since all of the people on this list have White ancestors?

As revealed by question #3, this list is made up of people who are being called African American, though they have White and other ancestry. I would say I have heard of 1/2 of the celebrities on this list, and I don't think one of them is better than B-rated. 24/25 I could spot immediately as non-White, including a handful of mulattos, a gaggle of guadroons, a smattering of octoroons, and a couple of quintroons. One I would have thought was a bit swarthy, but who looks White to me - Gabrielle Reece. Let's just say that you could really fuck with your teacher's head if you did your Black History Month report on Gabrielle Reece (see pic below).

Now to answer my own questions:
1) Why did the list warrant an exclamation mark? Because being a nigger is the ultimate in cool, and the penultimate in cool is being part-nigger.
2) Would this list have been acceptable to print if it said " ... Didn't know were White." Of course not. It would be decried as both racist and uncool.
3) Why isn't it called "...Didn't know were White." since most of these people are 50% - 90+% White? Because the goal of the list is to promote the trendiness of race mixing with niggers, which ironically requires people accept the "one-drop rule" of blackness in order to qualify.

Thus, in the four and one half decades since the death of Martin Luther King Jr., we have gone from the "one-drop rule" being considered a racist reminder of black disenfranchisement to being considered an acceptable way to up your pop culture marketability. I guess some would call that progress.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Turning Black People into Furniture

First it was turning Jews into lampshades - now those evil wicked raaaacists are turning Negroes into furniture. The following photo, from the Russian magazine Buro 24/7 has been the source of much wailing and gnashing of anti-Racist teeth. Read about it here, and enjoy CDN's top 5 jokes for this story after the photo below.

1) This chair comes with six mahogany end tables, all made by different carpenters.
2) Moqeesha said should could put my IKEA chair together for me. Would it be racist if I looked down and told her I think she did a lousy job?
3) Not only is this the most uncomfortable chair I've ever owned, it is also loud, belligerent, and it steals from my wallet whenever I sit down.
4) A copy of this chair was sold to R. Kelly as a toilet.
5) If Oprah was the black bitch in this photo, she would be a couch that could seat three.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The "Is it Racist?" Picture for 01-21-2014

1) So sad ... selling one's bass for crack.
2) As we can see, this is both a string and a wind instrument.
3) I've heard this instrument dispenses its own rosin, but you really don't want to apply it to your bow.
4) Perhaps a tramp stamp of two sperm playing foosball wasn't such a good idea.
5) On clearance now - the Michelle Obama nude resistance-band exercise DVD - as seen on The Ellen Show.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Uh oh - a racist agrees with your parenting.

I found this article about a mother who made her daughter take a photo with a sign that said:

My name is Hailey. I am a kind caring, smart girl, but I make poor choices with social media. As punishment, I am selling my iPod and will be donating the money to the charity Beat Bullying in hopes of changing my behavior as well as bringing awareness to Bullying. Because bullying is wrong.

Cue up "The Ride of the Valkyries", load up Facebook, and...

Half the commenters believe the mother (Cara Schneider) did the right thing. Half the commenters accuse the mother of being a bully. Supporters compare the punishment to their own experiences, such as having stolen something as a child and being made by their parents to return what was stolen and apologize in person to the shop keep. The other side say that humiliating someone is wrong - especially if the whole world can see the person through social media.

My take is that anyone who disagrees with the mother's decision in this case should be sterilized by government order, to prevent their lack of common sense being passed on to the next generation. People who believe shaming a bully is worse-than or equivalent-to being a bully are not fit to dwell alongside us in a civilized society. People who believe shame is detrimental in correcting bad behavior are beyond hopeless. Pay attention, dolts: If shame was not an effective means of curbing aberrant behavior, why do people engaging in aberrant behaviors go to such lengths to conceal that of which they are ashamed, and cease their aberrant behaviors once they are discovered?

And let's not forget the inherent hypocrisy of these same critics, who would no doubt have verbally crucified the mother had she not intervened and her daughter's bullying led to a suicide or school shooting. So what would they have done? "Just take the phone away, don't take a picture!", they say. I say by making the community aware of her daughter's behavior, the mother was ensuring that no other parent would make the mistake of saying to their children "Sure, your little friend Hailey can use your phone."

Bravo, Cara Schneider! I apologize that your actions are being endorsed by a White Supremacist. I assure you, had you been a race mixer and your daughter half-black, I still would have applauded you for your parenting ability, it just would have come with more than a few jokes about your love of intercourse with sub-apes. But, hopefully, we won't have to do any shaming of that sort for either you or your daughter.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Christian Mingle: Find God's Gay Beaner for You

More anti-White media for your consideration today, gentle readers. Actually, this time, you can be gentle watchers and listeners, as we contemplate the message of a Christian Mingle advertisement entitled "Amy and Marc", which features a biracial couple who appear to have met following his gay deprogramming.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

New Doritos Locos Negros Tacos

Oh, how delightful - an enormous beanerette got in a fight with a Negro at a Taco Bell, and the whole thing was captured on a camera phone for the sake of posterity. Repeatedly, the Negro in question demands to be shown the beanerette's green card, to which she responds she was "born here [...] faggot" (at the Taco Bell I suppose). Eventually, he slaps her phone from her hand, and she spits in his face, which is followed by a tepid chair joust - all in front of her bawling beaner babies. "Legitimate" media seems not to have caught up with the video yet, but I can't wait to hear more details. Take a look:

Surely this must be a crudely edited racist hoax! Black and Brown people are spiritual beings of love, united in the common brotherhood of humanity - this sort of thing just doesn't happen in reality! Not buying it? How about - This sort of racial animosity is merely the legacy of White Supremacy! Sound any better? And just how long shall that legacy last, hmm? At what point will the evils of White Supremacy no longer be used as an excuse for racial hatred between non-White groups? When the last White person is tossed into a mass grave - will this Negro and this beanerette hug and make up, while flowers spring from betwixt the floor tiles, and rainbows explode forth from the waste receptacles? Of course not...

Only White people can be racist.
That is a lie. Racism is in all of us.

Racism is taught.
That is a lie. Racism is innate and instinctive.

Racism is White people's fault.
That is a lie. Racism is not the fault of the White Race.

Racism will end when Whiteness ends.
That is a lie. Racism cannot be ended by eliminating the White Race.

Racism can be defeated.
That is a lie. Racism will defeat humanity.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Sub-Ape Children Bully Toddler: "How Black is That?!"

I totally missed this story from August of 2013: A 3-year-old White girl is bullied by two 5-year-old sub-ape sisters while their 13-year-old sub-ape brother films the bullying to later post online. See the video below.

Of course the clueless White father sees no racial element to the bullying - which proves he is just as mindful of racial truths as he is of his young daughter's general safety and well being. Which, in turn, puts me in mind of Governor Ratcliffe's opine:

I think that this bullying video could be used as a test of the intensity of one's innate racism. Just monitor one's blood pressure while the video plays. I know this is not all about racism - and bullying within one's race is just as easy as bullying outside of one's race. But the blood-pressure-raising issue I have is that we were promised that tackling racial bigotry would make us a kinder, better, people (saved "from a permanent death of the spirit"). Further, we are endlessly resold the narrative of the saintly Negro abused by tyrannical Whitie, who needs to set his soul straight by accepting the Negro as his equal, or face a collapsing "house divided". And we continue to ignore that hatred, intolerance, cruelty, abuse, and exploitation are inherent characteristics of the human species - they are not the purview of the White Race. 

Thus, the capitulation of Western Civilization to cultural relativism, the mixing of White people into the brown cesspool to end the uniqueness of White people, and the rapturous White response to the concept of black retribution ("How black is that?!"), are repackaged by sleight of hand into solutions for injustice, when they are in fact nothing more than the latest round of injustices. And we choose to ignore the racial element presented to us by images like those of this little White girl, when in our hearts we know that had the races in this case been reversed, the President himself would have called for a national day of prayer and reflection - "She could have been my daughter!"

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

More Laughing at Anti-Racist Propaganda

Pro-White propaganda is usually either heavy-handed, focusing on the doom and gloom on the horizon and the need to secure futures for White children and such, or lowest common denominator jabs at the watermelon chomping gorillas in our midsts. I have been guilty of peddling both, but I have tried less obvious (and successful) tricks as well.

Anti-Racist propaganda, I submit, tends to stick with aphoristic pearls of wisdom that vaguely resemble the kind of New Age pseduo-profundity used to trick stupid people into buying Oprah-endorsed books. Take the drivel about Anti-Racist pandas I posted yesterday. Today, I would like to respond to another Anti-Racist propaganda message. See their message on the left and my response on the right.

Anti-Racist says: You wicked racists! If your child needed blood, you would take it from a non-White, wouldn't you?!? 
AA says: Sure they would. After all, when their child needs shoes, they don't mind that they were made in an Asian sweatshop. When massa's children needed milk, massa didn't mind that the nursemaid was black. Cattle and their byproducts belong to the owners of said cattle.
Anti-Racist says: You evil racist! Don't you get it?!? We are all the same on the inside!
AA says: No we are not. Hence my response image on the right. If you still don't get that point, here is another image I made to help demonstrate it to you:

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Fuck Racism! Be Like a Panda!

They're White, Black, and Asian - and everybody loves them! 

Ever heard this heartwarming (and mind numbing) claptrap, or seen one of the myriad related motivational images? Here is my response:

Sources of fun panda facts: 1 and 2

Monday, January 13, 2014

Black Carpet at the Golden Globes

Yesterday at the Golden Globes, several sub-ape females loped their way down the red carpet. I have prepared the following visual aide to document the occasion for the National Wildlife Federation. The full text from the image is also copied below.

Let's review what the celebrity Negresses wore to the 2014 Golden Globes.
1) On the left we have Kerry Washington, who described the fetus she was carrying as her "accessory".
2) Next is Gabourey "Precious" Sidibe, who is wearing the leftover casket lining from the piano crate she will be buried in.
3) Third is Lupita Nyong'o, who simply tore up a swath of the red carpet and wrapped it around herself like a beach towel.
4) And on the right we have Angela Bassett, who proves Aunt Jemima isn't the only black woman who knows a thing or two about flapjacks.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

State Farm - Save my Race?

I generally avoid providing commentary on anti-White media, as there is literally a blog called Anti-White Media, but I am so tired of the following commercial, and that blog seems to be on hiatus, so I would like to pick on this commercial today.

The first thing that annoys me is the insipid consumerist, women hungry for purses narrative. It never ceases to amaze me how stereotypes of women as shopaholic twits/twats doesn't raise a feminist eyebrow. But let's go further. Here we have a White woman and an Asian woman competing for an object they desire, but apparently cannot provide themselves because they-so-silly! The White woman casts her magic spell and a tall, young, Negro man appears to provide her with the funds to obtain the object she desires. The Asian woman casts her magic spell and a decrepit old white Man appears from the ether to taunt her with a dollar dangling from a fishing line. Remember - there are no secret meanings or subconscious messages revealed by such a dichotomy. Certainly, the following are not being suggested:

1) White women have more power/success/smarts than Asian women.
2) White women can appeal to black men and get what they want.
3) Asian women cannot get the same by appealing to White men.
4) Black men provide, White men string you along.

So let us change up the races and see what happens.

1) What if the White woman had summoned a White man and the Asian woman had summoned an Asian man (racial pairing)? RACIST! Whites women get what they want from pairing with White men, Asian women lose when they pair with Asian men - can't have that.
2) What if the Asian woman paired with the Negro and got what she wanted? No, we can't have that either because the target of this commercial is not Asian women (2-3% of the population) but White women (greater than 35% of the population). The White woman must win, and she must be shown the way to win is by appealing to a black male provider.
3) What if the Asian woman had been a black woman? Can't have that, because a White woman cannot be shown to get one over on a darkie!

We could continue this thought experiment all day, but I have one observation to conclude this post:

Perhaps the reason the Asian woman can only get a dollar is related to her driving history, not her choice in insurance policies? Anti-Racist says: JUST WHAT EXACTLY ARE YOU IMPLYING????!!!!! AA says: Nothing at all - its just a commercial, right?

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Ugly Biracial Pimp sues Nike for $100m

Quoting this article:

Pimp Sirgiorgiro Clardy [...] is suing Nike for $100m for failing to include a label on Air Jordan sneakers that says they can be used as deadly weapons. Clardy beat a man with his own pair of Jordans in 2012 after he failed to pay one of Clardy's prostitutes.

I think Clardy's mother should also file a lawsuit - His father's penis should have carried a warning label: "Will make your offspring look like a Richard Simmons / Eric Andre Hybrid."

Friday, January 10, 2014

Adrean Arlott on The Telegraph Online

I got a bit of a surprise today when I found out that one of my YouTube videos is being featured on The Telegraph online! Near the bottom of an obituary for C├ęcile Nobrega is an embedded version of my Bronze Woman video, as read by Shaniquah McCullough. Here is the original post I made to announce the video, and here is a link to the video on YouTube.

I cannot imagine the video will be up much longer on The Telegraph, so here is a screen capture:

Isn't that hilarious?

Thursday, January 09, 2014

The Littlest Nigger

A viral video of a Negro toddler spouting obscenities has the moral outrage brigade up in arms.

While the majority seem to blame the adult Negroes in the video for being a corrupting influence, there are those who do not blame the Negroes at all  - but the Omaha police who shared and commented on the video on their webpage. Quoting this article:

Willie Hamilton, president of the community activist group Black Men United, said the union “crossed a line by doing this.”

“For them to take a video out of context — a 2-year-old who doesn’t have the brain capacity to know what’s going on — and to say that this child, because two adults acted inappropriately, is going to end up in a life of crime is totally inappropriate,” Hamilton said.

Let's be frank - the accusation really is that the po-po's true motivation was to denigrate Darkies by exposing this thug-stereotype behavior and implying that the Negroes start training their spawn to be thugs at a very early age. Quoting the same article, we have the po-po's stated intention:

We here at viewed the video and we knew that despite the fact that it is sickening, heartbreaking footage, we have an obligation to share it to continue to educate the law abiding public about the terrible cycle of violence and thuggery that some young innocent children find themselves helplessly trapped in.

I'll have to remember that line the next time I post some appalling Typical Nigger Behavior for giggles.

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Murder by "Atomic Wedgie"

How can this be real? An Oklahoma man, Brad Davis, is accused of murdering his stepfather, Denver St. Clair, by what Davis described to the police as: "an atomic wedgie".

 Quoting this article:

According to the affidavit, St. Clair had multiple blunt force injuries to his face and his "elastic underwear waistband had been stretched up over his head," leaving a ligature mark around his neck.

After investigators acquired a warrant to search Davis' cellphone they found photographs that show St. Clair lying in the living room floor in a smear of blood, according to the affidavit, and there were pictures prior to having his underwear pulled over his head as well as after.

Top Five Jokes for Murder by "Atomic Wedgie":
1) Who taught this guy how to kill people, Nelson Muntz?
2) St. Clair should have just given his stepson his lunch money.
3) Davis's serial killer catchphrase: "Just wait until I get my Hanes around your neck."
4) Davis's serial killer catchphrase alternate: "Choose how you want to die - boxers or briefs?"
5) Davis should have stuck by his original explanation for the murder - killer underpants gnomes.

I have a great idea for Brad Davis - I think he should hook up with the woman who stabbed her husband to death with a ceramic squirrel. Imagine the comic mayhem they could cause together!

Tuesday, January 07, 2014

A little chunk of history they've forgotten to alter...

Years ago I was contacted by "Josh in Kentucky", who described himself as a cartoonist who liked my sense of humor. He said he wanted some ideas to put into cartoon form. I pitched a bunch of racist spoofs, and Josh ended up creating two cartoons and e-mailing them to me. Sometimes I would think back fondly to those cartoons, but I had no idea they were still floating around out there - until today.

During the course of my interwebs journey tonight I found this cartoon posted at a site called 9GAG.

There are over a thousand comments about Josh's cartoon on 9GAG! These can be broken down roughly into three categories:
1) 10% Say this is true, even if it is racist.
2) 50% Say this is Neo-Nazi garbage because Josh was connected with VNN.
3) 40% Say this is Neo-Nazi garbage because of the way Josh drew the black girl.

It is too bad the comments are from 2012. I would loved to have gotten in on the discussion. My idea was based on the Clark Doll experiments, in which black children typically chose White dolls. The Clark experiments concluded this preference to be the result of a negative self-image among blacks. I found this a strangely racist assumption coming from the Cult of Diversity. Why should children have preferred dolls of their own race? Wouldn't that be racist? I found that all the more ironic considering the Clarks were black. The thing that the comment makers missed at 9GAG was that in both cases the child chooses the single doll from the pile that is of their own race. That makes the children racist - which exposes the hypocrisy of the kike psychiatrist (symbolic of the Cult of Diversity) because Black Pride is acceptable and White Pride is not.

I think Josh did an amazing job on this cartoon, as evidenced by the heated debate it sparked. From what I gather, Josh now works with Horus and the White Rabbits. That might explain the source of the excellent animations they have made on that site.

Here is the other cartoon Josh made from one of my ideas. I had recently disastrously failed an online implicit association test. I had only taken the test because I saw an episode of King of the Hill where Hank failed a similar test. The joke here is that associating blacks with evil, violence, and crime may be racist, but it is also true.

Monday, January 06, 2014

Meet the Jungle Fevers

A couple of days ago I read a story about an interracial couple from Georgia (Sam and Candea Aarons), who found someone had written the words "Jungle Fever" on their valet ticket. My first instinct was "Here we go again. More racism hoaxing.", but it turns out that the incident was true. According to this source, valets use phrases on the tickets to help them keep track of the keys. I've heard of valets describing cars on tickets ("black Range Rover"), but not people (theoretical examples: "Huge Melons.", "Smells like Pickles", "Man Hands"). Regardless, the couple were upset, and the offending valet was fired. The company who employed the valet offered the Jungle Fevers a free meal, but they declined. The article linked above seems to imply the Jungle Fevers may be holding out for bigger pay dirt - and why not? Remember the $10,000 tip that was given to the Red Lobster Negress who received the tip, "None. Nigger."? I think the least the company could offer would be a complimentary copy of Spike Lee's Jungle Fever.

Sunday, January 05, 2014

Cutting the heads off dildos.

We all know (even if some won't admit) that the world is full of twisted, violent freaks. But too often we mistakenly assume that being a twisted, violent freak requires a penis. Today's post proves it does not. Below are examples of violent females, presented in the following order: White Trash, Beaner, Muslim, Nigger.

White Trash

Woman stabs her husband with squirrel for failing to bring home beer on Christmas Eve.


Under this title: Police: Arizona mother poisons her four kids and stabs ex-husband on Christmas day
We find this tag: 1,349 people like this.


In Minnesota, a disturbingly brown woman named Amreya Shefa stabbed her husband Habibi Tesema because:  "[...] her husband not only wanted to bring another woman into their bedroom, but also 'wished to use a sexual device on her during intercourse,'".


And while we are on the topic of sexual devices - according to this story, one nigger lesbian (Lakenya Bristol) called the cops on a much darker nigger lesbian (Regina Watts), accusing Watts of cutting the heads of her dildos.

It takes all kinds to ruin the world doesn't it?

Friday, January 03, 2014

Nobody is born racist ... or with common sense either.

I've seen this picture floating around now in several places on the interwebs. Oh, how touching ...

You see, the little white baby reaches out to the Negro without fear! That means no one is born racist! That may be what some people see - I see a man who doesn't understand the concept of boundaries. Put race aside in this case - You do not touch someone else's child! Who the hell do you think you are, Michael Jackson? God knows what that man's finger was scratching just moments before.

So let's say that children are not born racist. I would also assert they are not born with common sense as well. Take for example the child who ate a used condom he found on the floor of a hotel room. But does someone have to teach children common sense? Is there a common sense class where we distinguish between good things to eat off the floor of a hotel room and bad things to eat off the floor of a hotel room? No. Just as there is not a class to teach racism. Racism develops naturally with experience. I would say that this child will learn racism at around the same time that s/he learns it is not a good idea to touch strangers on the subway.

Thursday, January 02, 2014

de Blasio: The Swearing in of a Miscegenator

So just what did Mayor de Blasio swear at his swearing in yesterday? Here are some possibilities...

1) I swear ... if I could have gotten this job without having to bone a baboon - I would have done it.
2) I swear ... these Negresses truly are just as smug and unpleasant as they look.
3) I swear ... my kids might try to steal this Bible. (Note: FDR's bible used at the de Blasio swearing in went missing! LINK)
4) I swear ... truly swear ... if I could have gotten this job without having to bone a baboon - God knows I would have done it!
5) I swear ... I had nothing to do with my son's Shirley Hemphill hair. (see below).

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

The "Is it Racist?" Picture for 01-01-2014

We shall withhold the name of the White boy in the picture below, so he does not have his name associated with my disreputable little speck in cyberspace. Suffice it to say, the young man pictured is a successful cross country runner for his high school in Nebraska. This led him to get his picture on local webpages and, presumably, in local newspapers. Now it is my turn to imply racist connotations to the photo. See below.

When I look at this photo, I imagine what that young man was saying at that moment went something like:
AAAHHHHH! The sun! It burns! It burns!

Alternatively, I can also imagine that this would be his expression 13 seconds into the race, when he sees all his black teammates are about 400 meters ahead of him, including the morbidly obese transgender Negress Moquiffa.

Then again, perhaps this is his expression when he realizes that he has to compete in the relay alone, since all the black members of his team were disqualified for not being able to maintain at least a D average.

Regardless, I congratulate his parents on his Whiteness. I am most impressed! Here is hoping you become grandparents of equally chalky younglings as soon as possible, and in numbers that would stagger a census taker. We leave you now with what this young man will look like if he doesn't get out of the sun soon: