Thursday, December 19, 2013

There's something queer about this...

From Martinez California, we have this story:

Four verdicts were read in a Martinez courtroom Wednesday morning of the 14 charges against 36-year-old Humberto Salvador before the Contra Costa County Superior Court jury broke for lunch at noon.

Salvador was convicted on charges of kidnapping for sexual purposes, kidnapping for carjacking, forcible oral copulation in concert and forcible rape while acting in concert.

The jury found true allegations that the defendant committed some of the crimes due to the gender or perceived sexual orientation of the victim, who is openly lesbian.

So, the same day that the Phil Robertson story was breaking, we have the story of the conviction of a man who kidnapped and raped a woman because she is a lesbian. Now let's play a little game and Google "Humberto Salvador" GLAAD and "Phil Robertson" GLAAD and see what happens:

"Humberto Salvador" GLAAD - 9 hits
"Phil Robertson" GLAAD - 17,500,000 hits

Now, some may say that GLAAD isn't about addressing hate crimes against the LGBT community, but about promoting a positive portrayal of LGBT people in the media, but that hasn't stopped them from milking Matthew Shepard's death for every bit of attention they can get. I would say GLAAD is more about hitching its rainbow wagon to whatever story will garner it the most publicity at the moment. The travails of some bull dyke who got gang raped by beaners who targeted her because she is a carpet-muncher mean nothing to GLAAD when compared to their truly important work of getting Phil Robertson suspended from television for saying homosexuality is a sin. Priorities people, priorities!

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