Sunday, December 15, 2013

Teenage Gun Control Advocate Shoots Self, Classmate

In the stories about the shooting of teenager Claire Davis at Arapahoe High School this week, most of the MSM have continued to ignore the leftist political bent of the gunman, Karl Pierson. Pierson is repeatedly described as bright, friendly, and a talented debater, but let's actually hear from the shooter himself:

[...] you republicans are so cute [...] The Republican Party: Health Care: Let 'em Die, Climate Change: Let 'em Die, Gun Violence: Let 'em Die, Women's Rights: Let 'em Die, More War: Let 'em Die. Is this really the side you want to be on?

From reading his opinions, I would say Karl Pierson was a cretinous, rude, and callow debater, who appears to have lifted his credo directly from the starting two minutes of each MSNBC "news" broadcast. Not only that, he was at least a hypocrite, and perhaps at worst a fanatic - consider, could he have been trying to prove his point about gun control? Reports indicate his intent was to shoot the teacher who got him suspended from the debate team, but it seems he ended up accidentally shooting student Davis (see the Fox News story link at the top). By targeting the man who silenced his leftist agenda, could Pierson have been saying to America, "You don't think you need gun control? I'll show you how wrong you are!" If that is the case, my response is, "You don't think you need target practice? You showed us how wrong you were!" Damn, it's like Ed Begley Junior going on a rampage at a hummer dealership and accidentally shooting the postal carrier walking down the street next to the dealership.

Don't believe the MSM is complicit in concealing Pierson's politics? According to this source, The Denver Post removed the word "socialist" from a fellow student's description of Peirson because, as explained by the editor, "We decided not to have another student apply a label to the shooter — a label the student likely didn’t even understand .” Hot damn, hopefully you will be using the same logic to remove the label "Racist" from every freakin' story you publish, since 9 out of 10 people you quote don't understand the meaning of that word either.

The right has to be careful how they play this. The left has the benefit of being the super-majority in the media. To use an analogy appropriate to this story, the leftist media sources are the high school popular clique who the herd accepts have the power and credibility, even when the clique have their heads stuck up their asses. The right are the nerds who can make a logical argument and have common sense on their side, but who cannot be supported by the herd because of the herd's fear of being culled. If the right too ardently points out the the hypocrisy of the left in concealing Pierson's politics, they will be labeled ghouls trying to politicize a tragedy. The fact that this is precisely what the super-majority left do EVERY SINGLE FUCKING TIME there is a school shooting will be ignored by the herd, who will accept that the left has checkmated the right in one move. So, what to do? Here is my advice -

The right suffers from having its eggs all in one basket. Fox News is the only right-leaning media source on television. There are no layers of media like the left. Major networks are supposed to be the left's respectable top layer of the pile, beneath that the cable news sources like CNN begin to offer more spin, MSNBC even more, then you have the supporting players the talk shows, and finally the comedy shows like the Daily Show. It is a complex beast that saturates 99% of the market. Fox News tries to juggle all these tasks on one network, and benefits only from the fact that it is the only game in town for those not buying the left's narrative. But to actually sway the herd, the right's clique needs to spread out on television. A snarky, mean spirited hit piece that could never fly on NBC or CNN, or that would be lost on the public in the communist forum of MSNBC, is perfect fodder for the Daily Show. The Pierson story should be handled that way, funneled to less respectable venues. Fox News needs to take the high road on this and avoid getting their pundits involved - this story is not a winner for them. Since there is no televised source for right-wing hit pieces of this sort, it is up to the internets to be that voice.


  1. I don't know who you think you are but you did not know Karl.... Although you do seem to think you know a lot about him, you know nothing. Cretinous, rude? No, Karl was neither of these. He was a great athlete and even better debater. Although it was annoying to be in a class and have him debate with the teacher and explain why that teacher was wrong for these 3 reasons.... yes, I admit that was annoying but that made him different. And seriously, in todays society where everyone wants to be the same I really liked those differences about him. Although I did not know him extremely well, I do know that what he did was extremely out of character for him and when I heard that the person who had shot up our school was Karl Pierson I couldn't believe it. He was not rude or anything you described him as. Seriously, a couple minutes before he died, he made probably the worst decision any human could make... One that made me lose my friend Claire. But Karl was not a monster and he shouldn't be remembered as one. Whenever someone hears his name, they shouldn't think of that awful mistake he made but instead, think about those 18 years of great things he did. You weren't there when kids would make fun of him in class or when he was alone in his room wanting to die because that was how upset he was. Don't post shit about people you don't know..... especially people who have passed away because of shit he got from others. Trust me, he got enough and you don't need to add to it.

  2. Who do I think I am? I am Adrean Arlott of Compulsory Diversity News. My hobby is posting shit about people I don't know. But notice I didn't seek out your blog to tell you what to write and what not to write, did I? So just who do you think you are, anonymous?

    Your dear acquaintance Karl was a hypocrite, a coward, and a murderer - in addition to being cretinous, rude, and callow. Read his own words again:

    "[...] you republicans are so cute [...] The Republican Party: [...] Gun Violence: Let 'em Die,"

    Who was commissar Karl to point the finger at Republicans (1/4 of the electorate) as the party of "Let 'em Die" when he was the true filthy murdering hypocrite?

    Does his being made fun of justify the murder of your friend? Does his being a great athlete absolve him of blame for being a selfish asshole? Does his being suicidal protect him from criticism for his hypocritical condemnation of others for violence he went on to perpetrate himself?

    But here is the really funny thing anonymous - I had totally forgotten about Karl Pierson and his victim. When I saw your comment I thought "Who is Karl?" People who didn't know them personally don't think about them anymore. Their lives were meaningless and wasted. But a few months ago I got some giggles making fun of that worthless sack of shit Karl Pierson, and today you've given me more giggles as I get to do it again.

    So thank you kindly for stopping by, and do visit again in future!