Friday, December 06, 2013

PHOTO: Nelson Mandela Lying in State

Below, we see a photo of Saint Nelson Mandela, lying in state before his assembled black countrymen and women.


  1. What in the hell is this? This is neither funny nor acceptable. Your lack of intelligence will be your downfall. Your intolerable dependency on bringing others down to elevate yourself is deplorable and you will find no peace. Your utter ignorance and shortsighted view will be your destruction. Do not forget your genetic inferiority and do not assume that you are beyond defeat. We gave birth to "your kind", we can also destroy you the same way. Likewise, it would be a terrible mistake for you to assume that those monkeys in the picture agree with your foul caption. So in the name of ALL OF MY ANCESTORS... including MADIBA Rolihlahla Mandela... I banish you, once again, BACK TO THE CAUCASUS MOUNTAINS...where we had to send your genetically inferior, retarded, foul, diseased asses the first time! Do you remember that??? I do! Do not bring your filth near the throne of my people again! The next time you're outside trying to get suntanned, remember my comment today and then remember that my skin is your goal! Always was and it always will be. Adrean, silence yourself, please. You sound relatively inferior and you seem to fight vigorously for a cause that is beyond your intelligence. Do the math on color, since you're so enthused with the topic. When you can present some compelling evidence about anything at all, I'll be happy to listen. Until then, keep THIS kind of jackassery to yourself.

    1. Oh, there's that Melanin Appropriation thing.

      Hilarious rant! And doesn't know the diff between a monkey and a knowing the diff between a chimp and a Mandela would not be likely either.

      "My skin is your goal!"

      OK, if you say so.

      A la Richard Connell, Collier's, 1924

    2. I enjoyed that rant as well. What you may not know is that is was written to the tune of Witch Doctor, by David Seville. It is actually meant to be performed while shaking a live chicken to power the juju.

  2. The fuck is wrong with you. Insensitive fuckfaced prick

  3. Hilarious picture, you're awesome.