Saturday, December 28, 2013

Oh, Holy Night!

A nativity scene at Claremont United Methodist Church in Inland Valley, California, features a bloodied mannequin meant to depict Trayvon Martin dying from his gunshot wound. Beneath the scene are the words "a child is born, a son is given." Read about it here, and watch the video below:

As a racist and an anti-Christian, let me say that I love this nativity scene! However, here are some suggestions that could make it better:

1) Have kids sit on the mannequin Trayvon's lap and tell him their Christmas gift wishes.
2) Have the same kids whack the mannequin with picket signs that say "Justice for Trayvon" until Skittles flow from his gunshot wound.
3) Next year, have the scene depict Obama as the baby Jesus, with three Klansman from the South burning a cross outside the manger.
4) Or ... Next year, have the scene depict Philip Chism raping the Virgin and slitting her throat.
5) Or ... Next year, ask the artist to lock himself in a pillory outside the church and film how passersby respond.

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