Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Google Image Search #1 for "Lying Dyke"

Back on 19 November 2013, I posted the story of Dayna Morales, a beaner dyke who claimed she had been the victim of discrimination in restaurant-receipt format, which apparently has become the 21st century equivalent of the slogan placard. Morales, a waitress...waiter...dwykaiteress perhaps?...claimed customers had scribbled a message on their receipt saying they would not tip her because of her lifestyle. This seemed suspiciously similar to the Carrabba's anti-gay receipt from the month before. At the time I commented:

CDN wonders if this is a new trend - customers not tipping as a way of striking back at the minions of the Cult of Diversity? Gee - we sure hope so, because it is hilarious! However, the possibility cannot be denied that perhaps this is the gentile equivalent of spraying a backwards swastika on your own home.

The possibility has become reality. Customers have come forward saying a photo of their receipt had been altered to include the anti-gay message. Now Dayna Morales has been suspended from her dwykaiteress position, and may face criminal charges for accepting $2,000 in donations as a result of posting the hoaxed receipt on the internet. Further, it has been revealed that Morales, who claimed to be an ex-Marine, was dishonorably discharged for failing to attend drills. And further still, a coworker of Morales has been quoted as saying Morales had told her she (Morales) had brain cancer, and that she had shown up to work with a shaved head to preempt the loss of her hair from the chemotherapy.

What a freakin' winner that carpet muncher is! I wonder if any high profile member of the MultiCult will step forward and try to plug up the leak in this dyke. At this point in the flow of lies, it will take both fists operating in rhythmic tandem to save Hillary's vaunted Village from the flood.


  1. a despicable liar, she should be jailed.

    1. I agree. It did not happen though, from what I can find. She was fired, and refunded the donation she received, according to this article: