Sunday, December 01, 2013

Bradacious Galloway: Another of Obama's Sons

Three apes are in custody after they murdered a 76-year-old White woman for her bingo money. The elderly woman, Dorothy Hendrix, had been previously robbed before in her home. After that incident, she purchased a gun and learned how to use it. Though slain in a second home invasion, she managed to shoot one of the gorillas in her midst before she died. The picture below is of the subhumans charged in her murder (from left to right): Steven Hagood (the one Mrs. Hendrix shot) , Tereba Geer (as in, "It just terrible what Tereba done.") and Bradacious Galloway...wait, wha???

Bradacious? Yes, Bradacious! It's like bodacious, but with more Brad.

Now technically, since there were three nigger perps involved in the following story, it might seem kind of unfair to single our Bradacious as "Another of Obama's Sons". However, consider which is more unfair - that I have singled him out because of his incredibly laughable nigger name, or the fact that his babooness mother bestowed upon him a nigger name as laughable as Bradacious? And Terrible Tereba is not far behind. It's like the Negro version of the Garbage Pail Kids.

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