Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Self-Hating Black Man

No - I don't mean Craig Cobb. I am referring to Orville Lloyd Douglas, a Negro columnist for the Guardian. In an emotionally revealing commentary, Douglas laments being black:

Every time I sit on a crowded street car, bus, or subway train in Toronto, I know I will have an empty seat next to me. [...] people don't sit next to me on the street car, the subway or on the bus because they are afraid. [...]

There is also a fear by some black people that discussing the issue of self-hatred is a sign of weakness. There is a discourse that black people engender: that black is beautiful. But the truth is, the image of blackness is ugly – at least it's perceived that way. There is nothing special or wonderful about being a black male – it is a life of misery and shame. [...]

I can honestly say I hate being a black male. [...]

[...] who would want to be black? Who would want people to be terrified of you and not want to sit next to you on public transportation?

Who would want to have this dark skin, broad nose, large thick lips, and wake up in the morning being despised by the rest of the world?

A lot of the time I feel like my skin color is like my personal prison, something that I have no control over, for I am judged just because of the way I look.

News One (For Black America) asserted Douglas was seeking "White validation", "a pat on the head from his White contemporaries". If that is what he wanted, he sure as hell didn't get it. For the most part, the comments generated by his piece simply warned him of the dangers of depression, though a significant number of comments basically told him to stop whining and get over himself.

For my part, I thought his article was an interesting contrast to something which I am much more familiar with than black self-loathing: White self-loathing. Not that I loathe my White self. Quite the contrary - I love being White. But I don't personally know any other White person who would say the same thing. I have personally heard White people bemoan their ancestors guilt for slavery and genocide, disgustedly regard their pallor and praise tan skin, and laud the moral superiority of other's mixed race families. Yet, for all this loathing, these White self-haters have still profited heavily from their Whiteness (in relationships, employment opportunities, and social standing). Which makes me wonder if they are not all a bunch of shallow sacks of shit, simply mouthing the MultiCult's agenda, but knowing that the detrimental consequences of the Cult will largely be their grandchildren's to bear. In other words, by expressing hatred for their Whiteness, White self-haters get both the benefit of appearing fashionably anti-White, while continuing to benefit from being White.

Exactly how does Orville Lloyd Douglas benefit from expressing hatred for his Blackness? He gets disapproval from fellow blacks who think he is pandering to the Chalkies, while continuing to be marginalized as an object of fear and disgust in the society in which he lives. Though perhaps that is not all he gains - he might gain some self-respect by being honest and challenging the double-think of the Chalky MultiCult, who tell him he is equal, but spell it out for him Ebonically.


  1. I'd like to say that being a self-hater doesn't absolve you from racism but it would be borderline hypocritical for me to do so. I'm guilty of self-hate. I'm a shallow, self-indulgent, asshole who only provides ammunition for the political right as an example of a pretentious self-loathing lefty. I've never used it as evidence that I'm not racist and I've never showed or spoken of it in real life. I've only expressed it on the internet twice because I am ashamed of the pride I feel in my shallow façade.