Sunday, November 24, 2013

Philip Chism Fulfills his Negro Destiny

In honor of Philip Chism fulfilling the most basic and well known of Negro stereotypes - the deranged rapist - CDN celebrates the occasion with an on-topic pictorial.


  1. i don't know what your intention is here but these images are highly offensive.
    The myth of black men as rapists is totally unfounded and was another way to disempower and allow for the persecution of people of African descent going back to slavery and the lynchings of the Jim Crow era. Of course no one talks about women slaves who were raped by white slave owners. Until we face and come to terms with the legacy of violence, injustice, institutional racism and hatred we Americans have perpetrated on people of color--including Native Americans and people we brought to this country against their will and kept in bondage--we will never be a true democracy.

    1. The United States is NOT a democracy. We are a constitutional republic. Get it right. Democracies in the course of history, dont last. Republics on the the other hand last longer than any other form of govt. People need rights and thats just the way it is.

    2. OP would probably find a "true democracy" intolerable, since the majority of Americans prefer to ignore race and history.

    3. Who in the heck would put this kind of a picture up on internet?!

  2. You stated your contrary opinion clearly and without resorting to name-calling. Well done. There will always be space on my blog for such opinions. Unfortunately, the vast majority of dissenting opinions I receive are of the "Fuck you - racist bastard!" variety. Therefore, allow me to explain.


    I am glad you were offended. My intention was to offend so people will think. I want to challenge political correctness because it promotes rigid, uncompromising group think.

    My intention is to increase racism. I do this because I have been unsuccessful at creating racial awareness among White people. I want White people to be conscious of the differences between races and to hold themselves to standards higher than the rest of humanity.

    Black Rapists

    Black men being more likely to rape White women is not just a stereotype, it is a conclusion supported by data:

    Even if you have data to the contrary, we are merely at an impasse over whose data is correct. And at that point, we may defer to the internet memes and prison rape jokes.

    The Rape of African American Women

    Actually, I do talk about the rape of black women by White men, and the hypocrisy of White men who fail to acknowledge that fact while getting angry when a White woman has sex with a black man: "The far right are hypocrites because they condemn race-mixing today, but often ignore the fact that the vast number of so-called black males loping through the streets of America have White great-great-grandfathers who used their Chalky penises to increase their inventory of farm equipment."

    America's Legacy

    You said, "the legacy of violence, injustice, institutional racism, and hatred we Americans have perpetrated on people of color..."

    There is nothing unique about the American legacy of these things. They are part of the human condition. The mistake made by the leftists is in thinking that White people are uniquely responsible for these horrors. It is not just America that must come to terms with these things, it is humanity. Humans are a sick species, rotten to the core, and people of every color are capable of atrocity. Recently, an archaeological site was uncovered in Colorado where Native Americans had mutilated and tortured there own some 1200 years ago:

    you said, "--we will never be a true democracy."

    We have never been a true democracy. We are a representative democracy. Eliminating the electoral college and implementing the popular vote would bring us infinitely closer to becoming a true democracy than another lesson about the legacy of slavery and genocide.

    Now ask yourself this...Why is there no National Museum of Slavery? After all, we have a United States Holocaust Museum in D.C.