Friday, November 22, 2013

Philip Chism: Another of Obama's Sons UPDATE

You know how if you are a racist, you automatically assume the worst about the subhumans in our midst? For example, when I first posted the story of Philip Chism, the Negro Danvers High School student accused of murdering his 24-year-old teacher Colleen Ritzer, one of the options I considered for his behavior was this:

Chimp Out: Who knows what evil lurks in the heart of darkies? Bad grade, perceived slight, practice for gangsta life, spurned advances, covering up another crime, wrong place at wrong time - all are possible.

On that note, new details have emerged in the Colleen Ritzer murder case LINK1, LINK2:

1) Philip Chism went to school that day "prepared with a box cutter, ski mask, gloves and a change of clothing." [1] Well, premeditation rules out wrong place wrong time.

2) After dumping Ritzer's body in the woods, he left a note that said "I hate you all" [1] Hmmmm...Which all is he talking about here? Everyone at school? The teachers? Society in general? Women? White people perhaps? Gangstas don't typically leave notes at the scene of the crime. So I have to rule out gangsta life.

Maybe I was wrong about his motivations - maybe this wasn't a chimp out. Then again...

3) According to the second link above "Prosecutors said Thursday that the 14-year-old student charged with killing Danvers High School teacher Colleen Ritzer last month also raped her and robbed her of her cellphone, credit cards, and underwear before dumping her body in a nearby wooded area." Ah - there it is. Racist assumptions always win out in the end. Philip Chism was simply partaking in the true national sport of American Negroes - rape. And when he was done, he covered up the crime by hauling his victim out of the school in a recycling bin.

Thank you racism - you've done it again! The truth is never far away, when we use racism to understand the news of the day!

But it gets even worse for Colleen Ritzer's family, according to these details:
4) Ritzer's body was "sexually staged," and she was naked from the waist down with her bra pulled below her waist. Her remains were sexually assaulted with a branch and the body was covered with leaves and debris, the document states. [2]

Now consider the other possibility I suggested back in my original post about Philip Chism:

More New Black Standard of Sanity: Perhaps this is the next wave of crazy Negro behavior following Aaron Alexis, Miriam Carey, and John Constantino.

Sure seems like it, doesn't it? The stereotype of the crazed, lone White murderer gets darker by the day.

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