Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Homeless Man Immolates Self and Church Volunteer

Today, CDN brings you the story of Rev. David Dingwall, who died in a fire in Ocean City, MD after a deranged homeless man (John Raymond Sterner, 56) doused himself with a flammable liquid, set himself ablaze, and ran screaming into St. Paul’s by-the-Sea Episcopal Church. Sterner, while burning, burst into the food bank of the church, which serves the local needy, and grabbed hold of a female volunteer, who quickly caught fire as well. She was terribly burned in the incident (I would call it an attack, but media sources have not gone that far). As the blaze spread, Rev. Dingwall reentered the building to fetch his laptop, was overcome by the smoke, and later died as a result.

One article related this quote from Dingwall, which the author felt apropos considering Dingwall's sacrifice for his faith:

"It's easy to say that we 'respect the dignity of every human being' … it's not so easy to do when one of those human beings threatens the well-being of those you love," Dingwall wrote. "I have had my life threatened because of my faith on a couple of occasions," he continued. "On each of those occasions I was scared. … I was tempted to respond in anger and maybe even violently … but in the end I was reminded that we are called to 'Respect the dignity of every human being' … even the angry, scary, threatening ones."

Now for AA's inappropriately blunt commentary:
1) Oh, please - Dingwall didn't die trying to extinguish the man, or trying to save the volunteer, or trying to put out the blaze. He never even faced the scary man who helped end the clergyman's life. Dingwall died because he went back in for his laptop. And just what was on that laptop, hmm? I will let your imaginations run wild with that one.
2) The real victim is the volunteer who was injured when the nutcase in flames bear-hugged her. Yet she remains unnamed and unheralded because she did not die valiantly fighting the flames to save a child porn collection - not that anyone else died that day doing such a thing.
3) The perpetrator, Sterner, was nothing but a filthy, ragged drifter, already known to law enforcement. In any sane, functioning society, such people would be dealt with before they became a threat. In the mad world of today, where Christian brotherhood and MultiCult egalitarianism walk hand in hand across the increasingly muddy, scorched remains of Western Civilization, such useless, dangerous people are nourished and sustained for the sake of compassion and tolerance.
4) The worst consequence of this event is the stench of burning, expired canned beets, water chestnuts, and pumpkin pie filling that continue to waft over the resort town as a result of the food bank fire.

Enjoy the video of the story, below:

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