Monday, November 11, 2013

Corn-Cobb Crack Pipe and 2 Ancestors made out of Coal

Today, I watched a video of White-whateverist*** Craig Cobb, the White man who has gained notoriety for wanting other White-whateverists to help him take over a tiny town in North Dakota, be schooled by a saucy Negress talk show hostess who informed Cobb that his ancestry was 14% Sub-Saharan African. Without blushing, Cobb dismissed the test results as statistical noise, while the Negress seated to his left howled with laughter, and the (mostly White) audience hooted with delight. It was perfect theater for the mob - Dr. Goebbels could not have choreographed a more perfect propaganda hit piece.

*** Today's addition to the English language: White-whateverist (also: White what-ever-ist) 
A White racist who prefers to be called a White racialist/realist/separatist/nationalist/patriot or whatever other word is in vogue among those who don't want to be called White racists.

I remember Matt Hale on Jerry Springer, stumbling to recall the 88 precepts. I remember another White-whateverist on a talk show being mocked by a Negro audience member who told him he had thick lips like a black man, while the White-whateverist's comrade chuckled beside him. Now I add Craig Cobb's 14 percent to the cringe-vault. Is it money they were after? Publicity? Did they actually think they would win someone over? The goal of these talk shows is to ambush and humiliate, to get people to degrade themselves for the entertainment of the lowest common denominator - do the guests not realize this?

I don't mean to pile on to Craig Cobb. I don't know if he is a tool or if he is sincere in his beliefs. That is one of the problems with our "Movement" - by which I mean the actions of all White-whateverists everywhere, who are all lumped together as White-supremacists by the MSM - the "Movement" is heavily infiltrated, afflicted with nutjobs, and means social (and sometimes actual) death for all those who have dared to become publicly attached to it. It is simply impossible to know who's got the goods and who is blowing smoke. So, in writing this post, I could be scrutinizing the actions of a White man who has being doing his best to stand up for his beliefs, or scrutinizing the actions of a White man who is colluding with those who seek the death of the White Race. I don't know which one it is, and I will not speculate further.

However, there is one thing I want to reiterate - Craig Cobb is a White man, whatever his true motivations, whatever his percentage of European genes - he is White. Why? Because being White is about identity - how you see yourself, and how society sees you. No one sane sees the 14% and declares Craig Cobb black. They may see him as impure, but not black. I have said this before - being White is about aspiring to an ideal of separateness from the rest of the brown sludge of humanity. I truly believe at some point in the not too distant past, we were all brown. Then this lightening, a mutation of fairness came into the gene pool, and the otherness of White people began. We live in an age that wants the fairness to disappear, to submerge back into the sludge - this is the Age of the Egalitarian - if I cannot have it, neither will you! So we end up with what we have in this case, a 62% Sub-Saharan African taking pride in telling a 14% Sub-Saharan African that he is impure (which makes her downright polluted).

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