Friday, November 01, 2013

Clean up on aisles 14 - 88

I spent the evening reading through the website of an Englishman who caused a stir by appearing in a Asda supermarket while dressed as an SS officer.

The Englishman in question, Paul Dutton, 48, of Cambridge, was asked to leave the store after customers complained about his appearance, LINK. The event garnered him some publicity, including a photo spread showing snapshots of his Nazi-memorabilia-adorned home. 

Dutton's website reads like a "What if the Nazis won the war?" fan-fic, but with himself as the central character. His story places himself in the role of a reptile-human hybrid with a massive brain tumor and a time-traveling watch that is powered by his repeated accidental/purposeful self-electrocutions - all of which is part of Hitler's contingency plan in the event the Nazis lost the war. Through his self-electrocutions, Dutton hops back and forth in time, currying favor with Hitler by having advanced technological plans tattooed to his [Dutton's] body before he leaps. With an atomic advantage, Dutton helps the Nazis conquer Britain, and later Dutton foils a Jewish plot to assassinate the Nazi bigwigs. In the first ending of his story, Dutton's finicky watch goes haywire during the victory celebration, and the Nazis still lose and are tried for war crimes. In his alternate ending, Dutton wakes up in a Nazi-dominated world that puts him to death because he is one-sixth Jewish, but uses his hybrid-reptile blood to cure Stephen Hawking's paralysis.

1) Insanity.
2) Surreal comedy.
3) The most elaborate mental disability con in British history.

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