Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A New Trend? Not tipping the MultiCult

First it was the "Nigger" Red Lobster receipt, then the Carrabba's anti-gay customers, now we have another member of the MultiCult denied a tip after serving persnickety restaurant patrons. Dayna Morales, a former-marine who happens to be a lesbian (and who looks an awful lot like the lovechild of Rachel Madcow and Chaz Bono), says customers refused her a tip, instead scrawling on the receipt that they could not tip her due to her lifestyle.

CDN wonders if this is a new trend - customers not tipping as a way of striking back at the minions of the Cult of Diversity? Gee - we sure hope so, because it is hilarious! However, the possibility cannot be denied that perhaps this is the gentile equivalent of spraying a backwards swastika on your own home.

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