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Friday, November 29, 2013

Ho, Oh No!

Just in time for the shift to the X-mas gorging season, a shopping mall Santa from Massachusetts, Herbert Jones, has been arrested after he pinched the buttocks of an 18-year-old girl who played his elf. He has been banned from the Hanover Mall where he worked, and prohibited from playing Santa for the rest of the X-mas season. I say if he was going to end up getting fired and arrested for it anyway, he should have penetrated her vagina with two fingers while screaming at the top of his lungs right into her pointed ears "On Vixen!" Commence Creepy Santa pics:

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Henry Bouquet Day!

Dear Fellow White Supremacists and White-Whateverists,

I propose that, from this day forward, instead of celebrating Thanksgiving, we celebrate Henry Bouquet Day. Please allow me to explain why. First take a look at this picture:

Seated on the right is Colonel of the British Army, Henry Louis Bouquet, depicted receiving White captives who had been abducted by Ohioan Indians prior to and during Pontiac's War (1763-1764). Bouquet had handily broken the Indian forces during the conflict, and camped his army in the midst of the hostile natives. He then demanded the return of his White people, whether they wanted to go or not. As accurately depicted, some hostages were reluctant to leave the only family they had ever known.

Henry Bouquet is also known for having corresponded with British General Jeff Amherst, regarding the use of smallpox-laden blankets to wage biological warfare against the Native Americans. Responding to Amherst's inquiry regarding the feasibility of such a tactic, Bouquet replied:

I will try to inocculate the Indians by means of Blankets that may fall in their hands, taking care however not to get the disease myself. As it is pity to oppose good men against them, I wish we could make use of the Spaniard's Method, and hunt them with English Dogs. Supported by Rangers, and some Light Horse, who would I think effectively extirpate or remove that Vermine.

In the picture above, I see Bouquet as a symbol of White Supremacy and of the White Race. And since I am a White Supremacist and a member of the White Race, and since I find White Supremacy and the White Race good and noble things, I find Bouquet a good and noble White man. Again, consider the symbolism of the picture above. Bouquet, symbol of the White Race, offering his hand to uplift the children reluctant to leave the fold of the teeming, brown, squalid subhumans. Being White is about embracing your otherness and elevating yourself above the human cesspool.

A good White man will force this elevation upon the unwilling, whether they like it or not. A good White man will use whatever tactics are necessary for the advancement of his race. A good White man finds horses and hunting dogs eminently superior and worthy of life, compassion, and respect than the brown human refuse of this planet. Henry Bouquet was a good White man, and that is why I suggest we honor him with his own holiday in place of Thanksgiving Day.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Homeless Man Immolates Self and Church Volunteer

Today, CDN brings you the story of Rev. David Dingwall, who died in a fire in Ocean City, MD after a deranged homeless man (John Raymond Sterner, 56) doused himself with a flammable liquid, set himself ablaze, and ran screaming into St. Paul’s by-the-Sea Episcopal Church. Sterner, while burning, burst into the food bank of the church, which serves the local needy, and grabbed hold of a female volunteer, who quickly caught fire as well. She was terribly burned in the incident (I would call it an attack, but media sources have not gone that far). As the blaze spread, Rev. Dingwall reentered the building to fetch his laptop, was overcome by the smoke, and later died as a result.

One article related this quote from Dingwall, which the author felt apropos considering Dingwall's sacrifice for his faith:

"It's easy to say that we 'respect the dignity of every human being' … it's not so easy to do when one of those human beings threatens the well-being of those you love," Dingwall wrote. "I have had my life threatened because of my faith on a couple of occasions," he continued. "On each of those occasions I was scared. … I was tempted to respond in anger and maybe even violently … but in the end I was reminded that we are called to 'Respect the dignity of every human being' … even the angry, scary, threatening ones."

Now for AA's inappropriately blunt commentary:
1) Oh, please - Dingwall didn't die trying to extinguish the man, or trying to save the volunteer, or trying to put out the blaze. He never even faced the scary man who helped end the clergyman's life. Dingwall died because he went back in for his laptop. And just what was on that laptop, hmm? I will let your imaginations run wild with that one.
2) The real victim is the volunteer who was injured when the nutcase in flames bear-hugged her. Yet she remains unnamed and unheralded because she did not die valiantly fighting the flames to save a child porn collection - not that anyone else died that day doing such a thing.
3) The perpetrator, Sterner, was nothing but a filthy, ragged drifter, already known to law enforcement. In any sane, functioning society, such people would be dealt with before they became a threat. In the mad world of today, where Christian brotherhood and MultiCult egalitarianism walk hand in hand across the increasingly muddy, scorched remains of Western Civilization, such useless, dangerous people are nourished and sustained for the sake of compassion and tolerance.
4) The worst consequence of this event is the stench of burning, expired canned beets, water chestnuts, and pumpkin pie filling that continue to waft over the resort town as a result of the food bank fire.

Enjoy the video of the story, below:

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Fun with Headlines 11-26-2013

Pope Francis: 'I prefer a church which is bruised, hurting and dirty' LINK
- AA says: That's how most priests prefer their altar boys as well.

30 Haitian migrants die, 110 saved after boat capsizes LINK
- AA says: Racist Great White Sharks refuse to consume dark meat.

Lara Logan Taking Leave of Absence from 60 Minutes After Benghazi Report Errors LINK
- AA says: Logan told to return when she is over 80, like all the other anchors (and audience) of 60 Minutes.

Does requiring contraceptive coverage violate religious freedom? LINK
- AA says: Only in cases of immaculate conception.

Gore goes vegan LINK
- AA says: In what is surely an unrelated story - vast swathes of American farmland are being devastated nightly, as if consumed by hoards of stampeding pigs.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Dr. Who Jigaboo

We recently passed the fiftieth anniversary of the British television show Dr. Who. For those who do not know who Dr. Who is - congratulations on not being a Sci-Fi nerd. Now go off and watch The Sports, and leave we nerds to continue with this post.
I am an old school Dr. Who fan. I enjoyed the first six doctors, but was repulsed by that spitting brown dwarf Sylvester McCoy (a.k.a. the 7th Doctor). Instead of silly fun, the show became over-violent and disturbed, and McCoy's endless angry rants as the Doctor pushed the whole show over the edge. This is not to say that people didn't get murdered all the time in old school Who, it is just the deaths were theatrical and campy. The actors didn't seem to want to fall to the ground too forcefully, lest they damage their costumes and be forced to pay the BBC for repair-tailoring. Anywho -

So if I was such a fan of the old show, why do I not watch the 21st century incarnations? Because I do not like the multicultural cesspool Britain has become in the intervening 16-years between the old and new shows. Some may lament that we have not yet had a black Doctor, and see this as a sign that evil raaaacism is still alive and well in Britain. I see the number of non-Whites and race mixers on the new Dr. Who as a sign that the lily White universe of Dr. Who has been overrun by the worst enemy the Doctor (and Britain) has ever had - the Mudmen of the Brownoid Sector, with their skanky Mudshark concubines.

It is inevitable. One day, there will be a black Dr. Who. In fact, I have traveled into the future to bring you a picture of the 13th Doctor, Leroy.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Philip Chism Fulfills his Negro Destiny

In honor of Philip Chism fulfilling the most basic and well known of Negro stereotypes - the deranged rapist - CDN celebrates the occasion with an on-topic pictorial.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Adrean Arlott Quote

Elitism is a gift one gives himself. It starts with this simple observation: I am better than everyone else. And how does one confirm he is better than everyone else? Well, who else says such a thing? No one else – therefore I am correct. Equality is fine for “them”. They are all equal – and that means if you stamp your boot on one of their faces, soon they will all be clamoring for the privilege. Diversity is simply the 21st century’s jackboot. 20 January 2010

Friday, November 22, 2013

Philip Chism: Another of Obama's Sons UPDATE

You know how if you are a racist, you automatically assume the worst about the subhumans in our midst? For example, when I first posted the story of Philip Chism, the Negro Danvers High School student accused of murdering his 24-year-old teacher Colleen Ritzer, one of the options I considered for his behavior was this:

Chimp Out: Who knows what evil lurks in the heart of darkies? Bad grade, perceived slight, practice for gangsta life, spurned advances, covering up another crime, wrong place at wrong time - all are possible.

On that note, new details have emerged in the Colleen Ritzer murder case LINK1, LINK2:

1) Philip Chism went to school that day "prepared with a box cutter, ski mask, gloves and a change of clothing." [1] Well, premeditation rules out wrong place wrong time.

2) After dumping Ritzer's body in the woods, he left a note that said "I hate you all" [1] Hmmmm...Which all is he talking about here? Everyone at school? The teachers? Society in general? Women? White people perhaps? Gangstas don't typically leave notes at the scene of the crime. So I have to rule out gangsta life.

Maybe I was wrong about his motivations - maybe this wasn't a chimp out. Then again...

3) According to the second link above "Prosecutors said Thursday that the 14-year-old student charged with killing Danvers High School teacher Colleen Ritzer last month also raped her and robbed her of her cellphone, credit cards, and underwear before dumping her body in a nearby wooded area." Ah - there it is. Racist assumptions always win out in the end. Philip Chism was simply partaking in the true national sport of American Negroes - rape. And when he was done, he covered up the crime by hauling his victim out of the school in a recycling bin.

Thank you racism - you've done it again! The truth is never far away, when we use racism to understand the news of the day!

But it gets even worse for Colleen Ritzer's family, according to these details:
4) Ritzer's body was "sexually staged," and she was naked from the waist down with her bra pulled below her waist. Her remains were sexually assaulted with a branch and the body was covered with leaves and debris, the document states. [2]

Now consider the other possibility I suggested back in my original post about Philip Chism:

More New Black Standard of Sanity: Perhaps this is the next wave of crazy Negro behavior following Aaron Alexis, Miriam Carey, and John Constantino.

Sure seems like it, doesn't it? The stereotype of the crazed, lone White murderer gets darker by the day.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Night of the Living Crackers

A Family Feud contestant is being vilified as an appalling racist after responding to "Name something you know about zombies" with the answer "Black". Let's watch...

Now consider these descriptors, and tell me what I am describing.:
1) Shuffling
2) Stinky
3) Brain dead
4) Scare people
5) Can't speak properly

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Dying for an end to Racism.

You may have heard that Oprah recently declared that for racism to end, the older generation would have to die:

There are still generations of people, older people, who were born and bred and marinated in it, in that prejudice and racism, and they just have to die.

Just how old are we talking about here? The greatest generation? The baby boomers? Generation X? Why stop there - how about Generations Y and Z? Where does Oprah want to draw her demarcation line for mass death? And who exactly has been marinating in that racism? Is that a reference to Paula "butter-pat" Deen? Or is Oprah, owing to her superior girth, only able to speak in food-related metaphors? And what a fine compliment Oprah paid to the generations who fought the evil raaaacist Nazis and marched along Martin Luther King - being told that they "just have to die".

Again, exactly how old are these crackers that need to die - for, let us be clear - she was talking about crackers. What else would be marinated in "that prejudice and racism" other than the white meat of intolerance? And just how old was the cracker who refused to let Oprah fondle that 38,000 dollar purse in Switzerland? 70? 60? 50? 40? So, if you are >40 (older) and your grandpa ever said nigger (born, bred, and marinated in it), Oprah says you must die for racism to end...

...Then how does she explain this story? It is alleged that some Massachusetts high school footballers spray painted racist graffiti (namely the n-word, which is nigger) on the home of a 13-year old mulatto footballer. Today it was reported the matter is being investigated as a hate crime, and that team has "forfeited the remainder of the season" according to the article linked above in this paragraph. Certainly these must be some of the oldest high schooolers in existence if Oprah's racial maffmatix holds true. Those raaaacist bastards must have been held back 2-3 decades if they are part of the "just have to die" crowd. Or is it possible she forgot to divide by 14? In which case she would realize that racism arises wherever racial differences exist. Racism is as natural as breathing. What is unnatural is the MultiCult, which is as unnatural as trying to stay alive underwater by breathing from a compressed air tank filled with farts.

MultiCult says: So just breed all the races together!
AA says: That won't stop it - there will still be lighter shades of brown battling darker shades of brown. The lower castes will always get darker as they slave in the sun. The upper castes will always get lighter as they rule from their palaces. 
MultiCult says: So abolish class, let all labor in the sun!
AA says: That won't stop it. The stronger/handsomer/sexier/smarter will always have it easier than the less gifted, some will always labor more than others.
MultiCult says: So abolish labor!
AA says: Mr. Hoffa would love that.
MultiCult says: So change peoples genetics to make everyone the same!
AA says: Dr. Mengele would love that.
MultiCult says: Well... You're a Racist!
AA says: And I love it.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A New Trend? Not tipping the MultiCult

First it was the "Nigger" Red Lobster receipt, then the Carrabba's anti-gay customers, now we have another member of the MultiCult denied a tip after serving persnickety restaurant patrons. Dayna Morales, a former-marine who happens to be a lesbian (and who looks an awful lot like the lovechild of Rachel Madcow and Chaz Bono), says customers refused her a tip, instead scrawling on the receipt that they could not tip her due to her lifestyle.

CDN wonders if this is a new trend - customers not tipping as a way of striking back at the minions of the Cult of Diversity? Gee - we sure hope so, because it is hilarious! However, the possibility cannot be denied that perhaps this is the gentile equivalent of spraying a backwards swastika on your own home.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Craig Cobb Nabbed by the Po-Po!

Less than a week after finding out he is a black man, White-whateverist Craig Cobb has done got nabbed by the Po-Po after his White neighbors called to report Cobb for threatening behavior while armed. Chalkies threatened by a brother exercising his 2nd amendment rights? Damn, that raaaacist!


Friday, November 15, 2013

"Thirty-Nine (39) Questions for White People"

Naomi Lowe, a morbidly obese lesbian Negress, has penned a book entitled "Thirty-Nine (39) Questions for White People". The publisher opines that the book "insists that readers reflect on the complexity of race, and the privilege to not have to notice it." As the book is a limited edition and therefore will be beyond the means (read interest) of nearly everyone on the planet, CDN has decided to freely share Mz. Lowe's work with you, so that you can reflect on your White privilege and ask yourself, how you - the Milk Chalk Devil - would respond to these 39 most common questions blacks have for Whites:

1) You gonna finish that?
2) You have some change?
3) You holding?
4) You somebody's bitch?
5) You got a smoke?
6) Can I borrow some money?
7) Can I copy off you?
8) Can I cut in line?
9) Would you drive me home?
10) Which way is the welfare office?
11) Can I borrow your car?
12) Can I borrow your phone?
13) Can I hit that?
14) You let me tap that ass?
15) You gay or something?
16) You retarded or something?
17) You racist or something?
18) You don't like black people, do you?
19) That dog bite?
20) You want to buy a car stereo?
21) You want to buy a watch?
22) You want to get high?
23) Why you got to be like that?
24) You her baby daddy?
25) You his baby mama?
26) Did you snitch?
27) Did you call the po-po?
28) Did you smell his dick?
29) Why you so fat, bitch?
30) Why you so dumb, bitch?
31) Why you so ugly, bitch?
32) Why your breath stank so bad, bitch?
33) What's yo pin number, bitch?
34) What you crying for?
35) Do you want to die motherfucker?
36) Is you tryin' to get me to kill you?
37) Can I return this without a receipt?
38) This the line for the Obama money?
39) Who let all these motherfucking snakes on this motherfucking plane?

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Reverse Racism? No! Forward Racism!

I found (LINK) this comic strip depicting an argument against the concept of "reverse racism". While I agree that labeling racism directed at Whites by people of color "reverse racism" is silly, I find it ironic that in dispelling the concept of "reverse racism", the authors of the comic perpetuate racism against Whites by depicting Irishmen as dirty, haggard peasants, and Norsemen as murderous, church-burning invaders. And as I endeavor to do with everything I touch - I have attempted to make leftist, anti-racist media serve my own nefarious, racist purposes. Thus I present the unedited comic, followed by my corrected version.


Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Damn Skinny Passengers

I was thinking about the self-hating Negro from yesterday's post, wondering if part of the reason why people did not want to sit beside him on the bus was because he was overweight. I have no idea his frame, but there is no denying that no one looks forward to sitting next to fat people on a plane, train, or automobile. Then it occurred to me - it's no picnic sitting next to skinny people either. And why, you ask? It is so obvious I should not have to explain it, but I will humor you.

1) Skinny people cannot regulate their body temperature. You would think it is just the cold that bothers them, but no! Unless the temperature is exactly 76 degrees and 45% humidity, they are either complaining about being too cold or too hot. They keep fiddling with the vents, opening and closing the window, and/or changing their apparel trying to cope.
2) Skinny people cannot get comfortable for the long haul. With no cushioning on their bony backsides, they are constantly shifting from one position to another, throwing elbows as they flail about, complaining that their knees hurt, their backs hurt, their butts have fallen asleep.
3) Skinny people always have to go the bathroom. They no sooner get back from peeing than they have to get up again. With thimble like bladders and an obsession with drinking their 8 full glasses of water per day, they spend their whole lives either pissing or trying to find a bathroom so they can piss.

Don't take too much offense you skinny britches - I'm just poking fun.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Self-Hating Black Man

No - I don't mean Craig Cobb. I am referring to Orville Lloyd Douglas, a Negro columnist for the Guardian. In an emotionally revealing commentary, Douglas laments being black:

Every time I sit on a crowded street car, bus, or subway train in Toronto, I know I will have an empty seat next to me. [...] people don't sit next to me on the street car, the subway or on the bus because they are afraid. [...]

There is also a fear by some black people that discussing the issue of self-hatred is a sign of weakness. There is a discourse that black people engender: that black is beautiful. But the truth is, the image of blackness is ugly – at least it's perceived that way. There is nothing special or wonderful about being a black male – it is a life of misery and shame. [...]

I can honestly say I hate being a black male. [...]

[...] who would want to be black? Who would want people to be terrified of you and not want to sit next to you on public transportation?

Who would want to have this dark skin, broad nose, large thick lips, and wake up in the morning being despised by the rest of the world?

A lot of the time I feel like my skin color is like my personal prison, something that I have no control over, for I am judged just because of the way I look.

News One (For Black America) asserted Douglas was seeking "White validation", "a pat on the head from his White contemporaries". If that is what he wanted, he sure as hell didn't get it. For the most part, the comments generated by his piece simply warned him of the dangers of depression, though a significant number of comments basically told him to stop whining and get over himself.

For my part, I thought his article was an interesting contrast to something which I am much more familiar with than black self-loathing: White self-loathing. Not that I loathe my White self. Quite the contrary - I love being White. But I don't personally know any other White person who would say the same thing. I have personally heard White people bemoan their ancestors guilt for slavery and genocide, disgustedly regard their pallor and praise tan skin, and laud the moral superiority of other's mixed race families. Yet, for all this loathing, these White self-haters have still profited heavily from their Whiteness (in relationships, employment opportunities, and social standing). Which makes me wonder if they are not all a bunch of shallow sacks of shit, simply mouthing the MultiCult's agenda, but knowing that the detrimental consequences of the Cult will largely be their grandchildren's to bear. In other words, by expressing hatred for their Whiteness, White self-haters get both the benefit of appearing fashionably anti-White, while continuing to benefit from being White.

Exactly how does Orville Lloyd Douglas benefit from expressing hatred for his Blackness? He gets disapproval from fellow blacks who think he is pandering to the Chalkies, while continuing to be marginalized as an object of fear and disgust in the society in which he lives. Though perhaps that is not all he gains - he might gain some self-respect by being honest and challenging the double-think of the Chalky MultiCult, who tell him he is equal, but spell it out for him Ebonically.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Corn-Cobb Crack Pipe and 2 Ancestors made out of Coal

Today, I watched a video of White-whateverist*** Craig Cobb, the White man who has gained notoriety for wanting other White-whateverists to help him take over a tiny town in North Dakota, be schooled by a saucy Negress talk show hostess who informed Cobb that his ancestry was 14% Sub-Saharan African. Without blushing, Cobb dismissed the test results as statistical noise, while the Negress seated to his left howled with laughter, and the (mostly White) audience hooted with delight. It was perfect theater for the mob - Dr. Goebbels could not have choreographed a more perfect propaganda hit piece.

*** Today's addition to the English language: White-whateverist (also: White what-ever-ist) 
A White racist who prefers to be called a White racialist/realist/separatist/nationalist/patriot or whatever other word is in vogue among those who don't want to be called White racists.

I remember Matt Hale on Jerry Springer, stumbling to recall the 88 precepts. I remember another White-whateverist on a talk show being mocked by a Negro audience member who told him he had thick lips like a black man, while the White-whateverist's comrade chuckled beside him. Now I add Craig Cobb's 14 percent to the cringe-vault. Is it money they were after? Publicity? Did they actually think they would win someone over? The goal of these talk shows is to ambush and humiliate, to get people to degrade themselves for the entertainment of the lowest common denominator - do the guests not realize this?

I don't mean to pile on to Craig Cobb. I don't know if he is a tool or if he is sincere in his beliefs. That is one of the problems with our "Movement" - by which I mean the actions of all White-whateverists everywhere, who are all lumped together as White-supremacists by the MSM - the "Movement" is heavily infiltrated, afflicted with nutjobs, and means social (and sometimes actual) death for all those who have dared to become publicly attached to it. It is simply impossible to know who's got the goods and who is blowing smoke. So, in writing this post, I could be scrutinizing the actions of a White man who has being doing his best to stand up for his beliefs, or scrutinizing the actions of a White man who is colluding with those who seek the death of the White Race. I don't know which one it is, and I will not speculate further.

However, there is one thing I want to reiterate - Craig Cobb is a White man, whatever his true motivations, whatever his percentage of European genes - he is White. Why? Because being White is about identity - how you see yourself, and how society sees you. No one sane sees the 14% and declares Craig Cobb black. They may see him as impure, but not black. I have said this before - being White is about aspiring to an ideal of separateness from the rest of the brown sludge of humanity. I truly believe at some point in the not too distant past, we were all brown. Then this lightening, a mutation of fairness came into the gene pool, and the otherness of White people began. We live in an age that wants the fairness to disappear, to submerge back into the sludge - this is the Age of the Egalitarian - if I cannot have it, neither will you! So we end up with what we have in this case, a 62% Sub-Saharan African taking pride in telling a 14% Sub-Saharan African that he is impure (which makes her downright polluted).

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Anal Probes for Justice

If you read yesterday's post, you might have to come to the conclusion that our society has an unhealthy fixation on what comes out of an anal cavity. But don't be so narrow minded! For our society also has an unhealthy fixation on what goes into an anal cavity. Witness the story of David Eckert, a New Mexico man who was repeatedly anally explored at the behest of police officers who had stopped him for a minor traffic violation.

And why did this happen? Because the officers thought Eckert was clenching his buttocks unusually when he stepped out of his vehicle during the traffic stop. Therefore, the officers obtained a search warrant, and shopped around for doctors willing to perform the search (the first hospital said no, so the officers went out of county to find a doctor who would do their dirty work). But when an x-ray revealed no drugs, the doctors performed two anal exams with their fingers, and then gave Eckert three enemas and forced him to defecate in front of them. When still no drugs were produced, the doctors gave Eckert another x-ray which revealed nothing, then they sedated him and performed a colonoscopy, which in the end revealed - nothing.

I am only surprised they didn't hang him from a meat hook and split him from taint to throat during their explorations. Now for my racist spin -

1) If Eckert is a Negro, it is understandable that the officers would find it unusual that he would clench his buttocks. As science tells us, Negroes have only recently obtained the ability to stand up on their hind legs and simulate a human stride. Further, the unbearable gorilla stench emitted by Negroes is produced by the continuous venting of their anal sacks. I don't think Eckert is a Negro, otherwise, this would be handled as a hate crime, not simply a civil rights violation.

2) If Eckert is a homosexual of any race, the clenching would also be abnormal. Though in that case, the rectal probing would have been called "Friday Night" and not a civil rights violation or hate crime.

3) If Eckert is a straight White man, then the officers should have expected him to be perpetually clenched. Haven't they ever listened to a black comedian's monologue?

Whatever the case, these officers are merely performing their doodie - ahem, duty - as the brave blue line that keeps the narcotics-based prison industrial complex functioning.

Saturday, November 09, 2013

Doggie Doo Game - Humanity Deserves to Die

Another sign of the Apocalypse has come to pass - simulated canine defecation has become a recreational activity. Doggie Doo, from Goliath Games, features a plastic wiener dog players are expected to feed, pump full of air to compel a bowel movement, and clean up after with a scoop. On their "official" YouTube channel, the makers of the game explain the dynamics of the activity, while at the same time claiming Doggie Doo is "the game that teaches you how to be a responsible pet owner." Hmm...let's see what advice they give us in this video:

To recap:
1) Measure out the exact amount of food for your pet, then force feed Doggie by ramming your finger down its throat.
2) Shove a bone down Doggie's throat to keep Doggie from regurgitating what you have just force fed it.
3) Pump air into your pet through a hole in the back of its neck.
4) When the animal defecates, save the product of your efforts as a trophy.

Now that is responsible pet ownership! But what if Doggie becomes constipated? They've got that covered -do what any responsible pet owner would do:
1) Force feed Doggie again.
2) Give Doggie a warm water enema.
3) Use a stick to force the obstruction out.
4) "Blow it out through its mouth."

In other words, the makers of this game are encouraging your children to put their lips on the anus of a plastic dog and blow until crap spews from its mouth. Which is, incidentally, how Obama delivers his campaign speeches.

Friday, November 08, 2013

Racism is Learned - So Start Teaching

Remember that hideously ugly chimpette in the biracial Cheerios commercial? Remember how the evil raaaacist comments about her on YouTube made national news? Well, today I found a propaganda video made by some filthy kikes several months ago, who sought to restore humanity's faith in their kike-ish agenda to make race mixing as American as having sex with a banana cream pie. The video shows children bewildered when they are told that raaaacist Americans dislike the biracial Cheerios family. With cherubic faces and divinely inspired egalitarian rhetoric, the children lash out at the absurd suggestion that race mixing is wrong. Thus these children restored the faith of the acolytes of the Cult of Diversity by proving once and for all that racism is learned.

But don't their rehearsed references to "E" for equality, homo-positivity, the bad old days, and how "we're all the same inside" also smack of  something learned? The implicit suggestion of the video is that children in their natural state are egalitarians who may be misled into raaaacist thinking. But what the video actually demonstrates is that children are blank slates upon whom may be written the teachings of any philosophy. And what should be most concerning is that there is not one rational, intelligible response among the herd. They merely mew with moldering sentimentality about the power of love, while stumbling through confused narratives of how that love is a privilege that George Washington or Martin Luther King bestowed upon us (can't seem to figure out which one though). But why so little thinking before responding with their impassioned diatribes? Because these children aren't taught to reason, but to feel the answer, and further they must only remember details long enough to pass standardized tests. Witness the clip below.

Do the children in this second video inspire the same amount of hope as the children in the first?

How about these children pictured below? There was hope for them once too - but things change.

Thursday, November 07, 2013

German Porn-Fans Blitzkrieg CDN

In the past 48 hours, the vast majority of visitors to my insignificant blog have been Germans searching for the phrase "one night in bang cock." Google has been directing these poor horny Germans to a post I wrote in September of 2013 about a Colombian man whose penis busted open after he took too much Viagra. As a public service, I am dedicating today's post to helping these Germans get their rocks off:

Dear Germans,
Please stop coming here searching for "one night in bang cock". I believe you are searching for the skanky old broad, Texas Patty/Patti, who can be found here or here or here. And for those who would say she is not an old broad, I refer you here.

Now while I have your attention, would you be interested in learning about White racial awaren ... I see you've already left.

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Today's "Is it Racist?" Picture

Introducing a new addition to the CDN Blog - The "Is it racist?" picture of the day. Our goal is to take something that could be completely innocuous, and make it indelibly racist throughout all time and space. To do that, we must caption the picture in such a way that the public would say - "Damn that's racist!" Let us begin:

1) Meet Schlomo Schwarzergroper, Africa's most prolific child predator.
2) Good morning Ms. Jolie, I brought your weekly shipment!
3) The dark continent's ultimate pimp - his motorcycle's bitch seat accommodates 6.
4) My wife asked me to take the kids to her mother's for the weekend, while she holds her annual get-together with the Nigerian soccer team.
5) Why is the White guy the only one who gets a helmet?

Monday, November 04, 2013

The world's most-determined interracial sex practitioner.

Serial killer Joseph Paul Franklin is scheduled to be executed on November 20th, 2013. For those who may not know, Franklin was the inspiration for William Pierce's book Hunter. During his criminal career, Franklin targeted interracial couples, and public figures who encouraged race mixing. Franklin is the man who shot and paralyzed Larry Flynt, publisher of Hustler. But don't bother shedding a tear, for after >30 years in prison, Franklin has had a change of heart, according to this article:

Franklin now regrets his actions, saying he was suffering from manic depression. "I felt like a cloud descended over me," he said. "I was obviously mentally ill." After going to jail in St. Louis in 1996, Franklin interacted with African Americans and realized the error of his racism, he said. He no longer believes "race mixing" is an abomination, saying God could have easily had the human race all one color, he said. "For some reason, he made us different colors." As for his many crimes, "I feel like the Lord has forgiven me because I've repented," he said.

This summer, a bystander linked to one of Joseph Paul Franklin's shootings went public with her story. Terry Jackson-Mitchell was 15-years-old when her two male Negro friends were shot dead as the trio jogged in Liberty Park, Salt Lake City, Utah. Some media reports linked the girl to the shooter, while others simply laid the blame at her feet as a "White" woman who had been spared by the racist serial killer. She is in fact part Mexican, but having two of her black boy friends blown away in a racist shooting spree didn't dampen her spirits for interracial sex. In fact, she went on to produce two half-black children. She credits art therapy for giving her the ability to overcome the trauma of the killings and move on with her life (and fornication).

And so today, CDN proudly names Terry Jackson-Mitchell the world's most-determined interracial sex practitioner. Here she is proudly displaying some of her artwork at Art Access in Salt Lake City.


Friday, November 01, 2013

Clean up on aisles 14 - 88

I spent the evening reading through the website of an Englishman who caused a stir by appearing in a Asda supermarket while dressed as an SS officer.

The Englishman in question, Paul Dutton, 48, of Cambridge, was asked to leave the store after customers complained about his appearance, LINK. The event garnered him some publicity, including a photo spread showing snapshots of his Nazi-memorabilia-adorned home. 

Dutton's website reads like a "What if the Nazis won the war?" fan-fic, but with himself as the central character. His story places himself in the role of a reptile-human hybrid with a massive brain tumor and a time-traveling watch that is powered by his repeated accidental/purposeful self-electrocutions - all of which is part of Hitler's contingency plan in the event the Nazis lost the war. Through his self-electrocutions, Dutton hops back and forth in time, currying favor with Hitler by having advanced technological plans tattooed to his [Dutton's] body before he leaps. With an atomic advantage, Dutton helps the Nazis conquer Britain, and later Dutton foils a Jewish plot to assassinate the Nazi bigwigs. In the first ending of his story, Dutton's finicky watch goes haywire during the victory celebration, and the Nazis still lose and are tried for war crimes. In his alternate ending, Dutton wakes up in a Nazi-dominated world that puts him to death because he is one-sixth Jewish, but uses his hybrid-reptile blood to cure Stephen Hawking's paralysis.

1) Insanity.
2) Surreal comedy.
3) The most elaborate mental disability con in British history.