Saturday, October 05, 2013

Wreadhy? Uh, oh!

Combining four disturibng porn fetishes into one, a 1) teenage 2) beaner 3) cheerleader with 4) Down's Syndrome has been permitted to rejoin her squad (in an honorary capacity), after school officials, citing safety concerns, told her should could not cheer on the field, but only from the stands. NO - I did not make this up. YES - I did pass out briefly while laughing myself silly.

Quoting this article: Brittany Davila, 16 [...] has been cheerleading since junior high, KTRK reported. It’s “her favorite thing to do,” according to her mom. 

AA says: Her other favorite thing to do is potato.

What should we be most thankful for regarding this story? Retard cheerleader's hemlines go all the way to their chubby knees. Otherwise, it kind of ruins the fun of those perving over tight teenage crotches if they have to see some retard's overstuffed quesadilla squishing out of her granny panties.

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