Thursday, October 03, 2013

The New Black Standard of Sanity

A common racist stereotype (that you probably grew up with if you are an American) is that White people are crazier than black people. The observation goes something like - "Have you ever noticed all serial killers are White?" Relevant LINK. Of course, this stereotype was also extended to spree killers, lone nuts, and mass murderers. But times they are a changing. The Browning of America means equal opportunity lunacy. Witness today's excitement at the Capitol, where it has been reported a Negress attempted to drive past a barricade and to use her car to assault police officers. The chimpette had to be put down - but her 18-month old daughter was recovered from the vehicle unharmed. I know - how disappointing.

So far I have heard she is a Somali with mental problems. But I prefer to believe she is just some ghetto welfare queen who got pissed off because the po-po wood-int get out her face. It is just more fun that way.

In keeping with our premise the the color of crazy has gotten decidedly darker, please consider the following:
1) John Allen Muhammad
2) Christopher Dorner
3) Aaron Alexis
4) Maurice Clemmons
5) Omar Thornton
6) Colin Ferguson
7) Lashawn Marten
8) Nathan Dunlap
9) Michael Adebolajo
10) Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab

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